April 22, 2021

Police and firefighters star in a new installment of 'Equipo 112' – La Provincia

In your third installment,112 teamwill be a direct witness again inTVCthis Tuesday, starting at 11:10 p.m., fromactual interventions by emergency personnelwho work on the islands to ensure our safety.

On this occasion, police and fire departments are the main protagonists. The program includes, among other stories, the reaction of the members of thePrevention and Reaction Unitof theNational Policeto reduce a person trying to snatch the gun from one of the agents.

In addition, a new notice arrives at the fire station of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to go to a fire inside a garage. With the help of a thermal camera, they have to be used thoroughly against flames that endanger the adjoining homes.

It is also the firemen, although this time from the south of Tenerife, who have to mobilize to help a person trapped inside a vehicle after atraffic accident.

For its part, theEmergency Coordinating Center 112She lives tense moments at the call of a mother who says that her son, a child under 11, has suffered intoxication and that she herself has decided to transfer him to the hospital in her vehicle. Given this circumstance, an operation is launched to intercept it on the road and pick up the child in an ambulanceCanary Health Service.

"Equipo 112" also shows in this third episode how the local Canarian police act in very different events such as coordinating assistance to a person suffering serious burns at a large party or locating a woman whose family members are alarmed by not knowing their whereabouts.

The program, produced by Videre, highlights the work of the sanitary emergencies, the 112 rooms, the National and Local Police, theCivil Guard, firefighters, the Autonomous Police, Civil Protection, forest agents or air rescue units bringing the least known details of their work to the audience.

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