August 12, 2020

Police and Civil Guard denounce the escape of patients with coronavirus from hospitals

In the last 24 hours, the Police and Civil Guard have carried out 80 arrests for “irresponsible and unsupportive” who do not comply with the restrictions of the state of alarm to fight against the coronavirus, citing among these cases those citizens who leave hospitals without discharge. The latter has been commented by the deputy operational director (DAO) of the Police, the chief commissioner José Ángel González, at the daily press conference from the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Specifically, it has disfigured the attitude of “Irresponsible” who leave hospitals on their own. “I am referring to several cases of patients admitted to different hospitals and who, without being discharged by any doctor, have abandoned them. This we It is a great job of localization, to see the traceability or with which taxi they have left “, said the chief police commissioner.

Police sources consulted by Europa Press have explained that there have been two cases in the last hours, one in Leganés (Madrid) and another in Benidorm (Alicante), where patients left the healthcare center without medical discharge or with the permission of healthcare personnel.

In the last 24 hours, the Police have practiced 61 detainees, a figure that has been stabilized since the state of alarm began, as well as 6,000 minutes for complaints of disobedience. From the Civil Guard, 19 arrests were made and the complaints are maintained in some 3,000 proposals a day, according to data from General Santiago Marín, who has replaced the DAO, Laurentino Ceña, this Tuesday indisposed and waiting to take the Covid test -19.


As in previous days, one of the telematic questions asked by the press has been about whether or not it is necessary to carry some kind of certificate to justify the reason for leaving home, according to what is established by the royal decree of the state alarm. “There has been no type of certificate order or anything; I am unaware of what the Madrid City Council is doing ”, the commissioner answered the question about a safe-conduct issued by the consistory of the capital. At this point, he also referred to the fact that “it was not confirmed” whether any similar document had been issued in Catalonia, although specifying that this type of paper can be useful to expedite the checks in a control: “Everything that helps us knowing where they are going or knowing where they are going, helps us. ”


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