July 28, 2021

Polar Sound, a festival to dance on the ski slope | Miss Festivals Blog

Music festivals spurt up and are the fashion event in Spain. It doesn't matter that Christmas is just around the corner. In fact, winter temperatures and snow typical of this era are the main motivation of some promoters. It is the case of Polar sound, the new musical event that takes place on December 21 and 22 in Baqueira Beret, which becomes the largest festival held in a ski resort in Spain.

The festival closed its poster last November with the incorporation of Varry Brava and Ramón Mirabet to a poster that is headed by Izal, Men G, Miss Caffeína and Source Guitar. In this way, some of the best indie-rock and Spanish pop-rock groups and artists will put the soundtrack to an unusual ski weekend. In addition, Polar Sound will also feature the renowned DJs, Ardiya and Luigii Nieto, who will set the evening between concerts and concerts with various musical sessions.

Polar Sound 2019

Polar Sound schedules.

Polar Sound will also be suitable for those who want to go only to enjoy music in this privileged enclave of the Pyrenees and do not want to ski. Of course, the snow will have to step on it yes or yes. Thus, in an unusual way, the tracks of the Catalan Pyrenees will welcome the winter with live music. And they will do it thanks to Fever, the Spanish startup of leisure plans.

Over the weekend, 5,000 attendees will turn Polar Sound into the largest national high mountain festival, which will feature about nine hours of live music each day in the Aran Valley environment. In fact, Polar Sound has had to expand its capacity to the high demand of the first weeks and has taken a new quota of accommodation in the vicinity of the festival, since the first ones that went on sale were sold out in a few days. The event will facilitate round-trip transportation from Madrid and Barcelona for attendees who need it.

Having sold more than 80%, the latest tickets to live the Polar Sound live are available on the festival website and in the application of Fever. These tickets can be purchased in packages, with accommodation and ski pass included, in addition to a two-day pass; or simple tickets to enjoy both Friday and Saturday of the different concerts offered by the festival. In addition, for the event one of the five largest tents in Spain will be enabled, which will have an anti-humidity system and all kinds of amenities for attendees.

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