Poland receives gas from Russia again after a week without supply for not paying in rubles

Javier Gonzalez NavarroFOLLOW, CONTINUEMadrid Updated: 05/04/2022 17:18h
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Poland has returned this week to receive gas through one of the three gas pipelines that connect with Russia, specifically, the so-called Kondratki, which is an extension of the Yamal, as verified by ABC.

Both Poland and Bulgaria stopped receiving Russian gas on April 27 for refusing to pay in rubles for the gas they receive from that country, a decision that further strained relations within the EU.

Of the three pipelines that carry Russian gas to Poland, Tieterowka, Wysokoje and Kondratki, supply has been recovered in the latter. Specifically, almost 187 million kWh/d arrived yesterday, according to data from the aforementioned web application. And the day before, another 182.717 million.

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