July 25, 2021

Poetry for disobedients

Poetry for disobedients

Poetry not only reveals hidden beauty even in the most everyday routines. It is also the reverse of its most amiable and academic definition: a cry of rebellion that cries out in the desert of our day to day, which awakens our conscience, stripping away a reality to which we have become accustomed with a comfortable submission. "The eye of the abyss takes the hand of the rainbow" (Ed. Cuadernos del Laberinto), sixth poems published by Antonino Nieto, goes beyond the mere denunciation of the era that has touched us in luck. The poems that conform it and its protagonists (banks, governments, politicians, journalists, scientists, us … in short, what we call "society" or "State") constitute a "collage" that could be described as dystopian if It was not for a caveat: it is the here and the now. "They love us like dogs: / cheerful / and detectors of narcolepsy / for example / and dirty / will not be / that Alzheimer's invalidates us / as executioners /", writes Nieto in his last work, which is presented on Thursday 4, at 7:30 p.m., at Corte Inglés de Callo.

And that is the concern that Nieto's poems transmit. More than restlessness, need. Video artist, promoter of shows, radio talk show (El Marcapáginas, in Capital Radio, 105.7 FM) and, first of all, poet, there is a noun that is repeated throughout his last creation: obedience.

«I tried to make an X-ray of the times we are living. What I see and what I feel. I try to x-ray those invisibilities that have become our daily bread. And one of the main ones is obedience», Says Nieto, who started working in this direction in 2001, after the fall of the Twin Towers, with« The shadow of an angel », and that the author hopes to culminate in a tetralogy. At that time, those "invisibilities" that seem to govern the designs of human beings "were already latent and not so naked. But today they do not hide. Blessed be that nakedness that makes us see them. However, you do not see what your eyes see, but what you feed in your brain with all that invisibility, which has nothing to do with the reality we live.

What, then, is obedience? A word that both the established and the factual powers "camouflage it, disguise it, dress it in a thousand ways … so that you end up chained". And there is a cruel paradox, a "perversion". «They speak to you of solidarity with respect to the other: endure, suffer … They ask you to suffer to equal the other, because you are privileged. However, to that other they say the same thing. Then, you find that the other does not exist, which is pure fiction, "says the author.

In that process, "The citizens themselves are executioners of themselves: they ask for norms that imprison them more and more. And it gets to say that "all that is for my good". No escape is allowed anywhere ». This is described in "The Eye of the Abyss …": "20 centuries of progress counted from Christ / to discover that ours is to obey."

Obedience goes hand in hand with another term: legality. "They have hijacked joy / They have transformed our rights into concessions," he writes. And, according to the author, legality is also an accomplice to this submission. «Most of the time he collaborates in the chain of the individual being, of what makes us human. Whatever you do, you are already guilty. " And he gives as an example the work of the tax agencies. "The agencies accuse you, you do not agree, you resort, you lose in the courts and, when you do not have more resources, you end up paying. With this Treasury the Rule of Law is perverted, in which someone is innocent until their guilt is proven: you are already guilty and, if you dare to defend yourself, you are doubly guilty. "

And the politicians? What role do they play in this society? "The politician is one of the most obedient beings," he says. Nieto remembers a dinner with a member of a party in which they said: "If we win, we will go to Brussels and we will ask …". And Nieto answered: "You are going to receive orders to Brussels and you will come here to fulfill them. And that is what they do in general. There are nuances, there are honest people, but the generality is that the honest are absolutely covered by this misery ». The politicians themselves remain as collateral victims of some "norms that they themselves have created and in which they are trapped. They have made harakiri ».

But we have poetry left. Author of the poetry books "Absent drawings", "The voice of the scorpion", "A perfect ghost", "All the flesh and the infinite" and "Stairs of the air", Nieto believes that it can be a "weapon" to defend ourselves from these attacks "For me, Poetry has to dive into what is beyond the established and the known. Diving in the unknown, in the invisibility. It has to break all the rules, including syntactic ones. If you strictly limit yourself to the established, you will be constrained to dive into the impossible as possible. You have to meet face to face with what you can not accept, face daily that. " And is that language "is one of the things that bind you most. You have to look for nooks and crannies. And in them, sometimes, light arises, and you see things that you have not seen before. "


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