Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Poem of the centenary almond trees

Poema de los almendros centenarios

The reader Blanca Patricia Ruiz Narvaez not only has decided to share with the rest of readers of La Vanguardia a splendid spring photography. And, no, not only has he responded to our call to join flowers and verses on our way to Sant Jordi. But a fascinating story about the centennial almonds of Viladecans is attached to his photo and his verses.

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She explains them to us. It is a set of "ninety-eight centennial almond trees declared Cultural Local Good of ethnological value".

My husband, who is almost 70 years old, keeps pruning them one by one in an artisanal way ".

According to the reader, "I live in this farm, Els Ametllers, located in Viladecans, since 2005, but my husband was born in this environment". So much so that "he is the fifth generation of a lineage of farmers in danger of extinction."

Blanca Patricia Ruiz Narvaez accompanies her photograph with this poem that she has written herself and with which she wants to contribute, also, to greet the arrival of spring:

Arrived the light

flooded white


Old and robust almond trees

they air their history.

We reproduce, below, the photograph of Blanca Patricia Ruiz Narvaez in its original vertical format:

Centuries-old almond trees pruned one by one by hand in Viladecans.

Centuries-old almond trees pruned one by one by hand in Viladecans.
(Blanca Patricia Ruiz Narvaez / BPRN)


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