Podemos urges the PSOE to renew the Constitutional and asks to end the "kidnapping" of the PP from the judiciary

Podemos urges the PSOE to renew the Constitutional and asks to end the "kidnapping" of the PP from the judiciary

The autonomous coordinator of Podemos and deputy of United We Can in Congress, Javier Sánchez Serna, has asked his government partner to take the necessary measures so that the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) can be renewed, blocked by the PP since 2018and has asked the main opposition party to end the "kidnapping" of that constitutional body.

“We are asking our government partner, the PSOE, and it is a reflection that we extend to the entire Congress and all of the Legislative Power, that we cannot continue with this kidnapping of the Judiciary that has lasted more than 1,300 days. We do not understand why the PSOE does not dare to modify the majorities that allow the renewal of the CGPJ”, he said in an interview on the program La Hora de La 1, on TVE.

Despite the fact that the law now establishes a reinforced majority of three-fifths of the deputies to be able to elect the new names of the Judicial Power, Serna argues that there is a sufficient majority to change it. "Right now we know that there are three fifths, but in Congress there is a sufficient majority for a modification of those majorities that would allow it to be lowered to an absolute majority and also to have half of the parliamentary groups", and that, he assured, " It would allow us to unblock this absurd situation.”

Likewise, Serna has clarified that Podemos has been making this proposal to the PSOE since the beginning of the legislature and has assured that from the purple formation they will make "all possible efforts to comply with the Constitution" so that this renewal of the Judiciary is possible during this grade.

The spokesman for Podemos has also accused the Popular Party of using "this kidnapping of the renewal of the judges as a political weapon". The main opposition party, he has considered, "is doing the same as (former US President Donald) Trump when he renewed the Supreme Court with dubious methods", he added.

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