Podemos urges the Government to "get rid of the anti-democratic heritage" of espionage to recover the partners

Podemos urges the Government to "get rid of the anti-democratic heritage" of espionage to recover the partners

The scandal of spying on 66 pro-independence leaders, lawyers and journalists revealed last week by Citizen Lab researchers is very concerned about Podemos, the minority partner of the Government. Especially after this Thursday the case generated a new rupture of the so-called investiture block in the Congress of Deputies, evidencing the parliamentary difficulties of the Executive in the validation of the decree that includes the measures to deal with the consequences of the war. The text he was saved in extremisthanks to the PNV and EH Bildubut with the vote against ERC, the partner of the Government with more weight, and Junts.

The Government saves the anti-crisis plan 'in extremis' thanks to EH Bildu and with the vote against ERC and Junts

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This Friday, the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, took advantage of her speech before the State Citizen Council of her party to send messages to those partners who are moving away from the coalition Executive due to the lack of explanations in the face of espionage . According to her, "the Government, of course, is the main party interested in dispelling any shadow of doubt about the State's actions." For this reason, Belarra has assured that "nobody can, nor should, justify espionage for political reasons", in a clear allusion, although without mentioning it, to the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, who last Wednesday, in Congress, seemed to argue to spy on independence leaders.

Without directly requesting the resignation of her government partner, as the ERC or the BNG have requested, the leader of Podemos has considered that "as the days go by, it is already a matter of basic democratic hygiene that the necessary political responsibilities are assumed". “We cannot wait any longer”, she has emphasized, trying to put pressure on the socialist part of the Executive so that some resignation occurs due to espionage.

“We, as victims also of the sewers of the State, are very clear that it is our obligation as democrats to defend Spanish democracy from the sewers and from the powers that operate outside the law or exceeding their functions against those who they consider enemies of your interests. It is also our obligation to provide the means so that something like this cannot happen again. We must urgently get rid of this anti-democratic heritage ”, he has settled. Because "only in this way", Belarra added, can "trust be restored" among the partners. “And take care of the majority of the investiture, which is to take care of the guarantee of the progressive orientation of our democratic bloc”, he has riveted.

“Restore trust”

Belarra has also wanted to self-criticize the work of the Government and has considered that "not having advanced in the agenda of deepening democracy in this legislature is taking its toll" on the country. “It is time to correct it. And, therefore, in addition to assuming political responsibilities, we will have to make public what actions have been taken to dismantle the vigilante structure that the PP built to persecute Podemos and Catalan politicians and it will be necessary to move quickly in the repeal of the gag law, of the requested vote and the fight against corruption and tax fraud”, he settled. “All this for democratic health”, he has sentenced.

“In the coming weeks, the coalition government has to once again mark the pace of the legislature, it has to urgently rearticulate itself and also reestablish trust with the majority of the investiture and with the citizenry,” added Belarra, who pointed out that “To achieve this, it is absolutely essential that the political priorities that are expected of a progressive government be set and act with determination and unity.”

“That is taking care of the coalition. The coalition becomes tense and puts itself at risk when people have the feeling that the accelerator is being stepped on to reach agreements with the Royal House and with the PP for a makeup operation of the monarchy that usurps the debate in Congress and also seeks cover up the successive and incessant scandals about the illegal actions of the king emeritus; At the same time, the brakes are being slammed on the LGTBI and Trans rights law, the animal protection law, the family law to expand maternity and paternity leave or on the tax reform. Or even, as is the case with the public energy company or the public bank, debates are directly prevented”, he lamented.

Regarding the growth of Vox, Belarra has considered that "stopping the extreme right is not said, it is done." “It is done with brave policies and not permanently reaching out to a Feijóo who has already decided that Vox is his strategic partner in government.” “More government and more coalition are needed”, he concluded.

The role of United We Can in the Andalusian

Regarding the Andalusian elections scheduled for next June, Belarra has assured that "as much as some of the PP representatives now speak more softly or with a more friendly tone than that of Mrs. Ayuso or Casado, at the time of the now, everyone has the same political project”. “A political project that we could define as liberal-commission agent: parasitize the public to enrich a few private hands. So that we understand each other, when they say entrepreneurship at their rallies, they really mean plugs; and when they say competition they mean contacts”, she pointed out.

For the leader of Podemos, "the corruption of the PP, that of Madrid and that of Almería for which Juanma Moreno does not want to explain, is a social and ethical problem but above all it is an economic problem", because "every euro that is they carry, it is one euro less for public health, public education or dependency”. “Each euro that they take away means less jobs and value creation”, she has riveted.

“That is why it is urgent to get them out of the Junta de Andalucía, to raise rugs and see what else they have done behind the backs of Andalusian men and women. And as everyone knows, the only project that is a guarantee of social rights and regeneration in Andalusia is the candidacy of United We Can. Because if there is a place where people can imagine a great coalition between the Popular Party and the PSOE, it is in Andalusia. If there is a place where his projects are more indistinguishable, it is in Andalusia. And that is why Andalusia needs a broad, strong and united candidacy because it is going to be the only alternative to the PP”, he has settled.

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