Podemos supports the tax cut announced by Sánchez if it "relieves" citizens, but asks for "progressivity"

Podemos supports the tax cut announced by Sánchez if it "relieves" citizens, but asks for "progressivity"

"All measures that help alleviate the situation of citizens will be well received." With these words they have responded this Monday from the leadership of Podemos when asked about the initiative agreed on Sunday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the regional presidents, to reduce taxes, within the framework of the Conference of Presidents that took place in La Palma.

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The Podemos spokesman Pablo Fernández, has clarified, however, that "it is not only a matter of raising or lowering taxes", but that it is the "time" to launch a "progressive reform" so that the great fortunes and the companies electricity "contribute more".

Sánchez's announcement of tax cuts came precisely at a time when the minority partner had proposed a tax reform in the opposite direction. But from Podemos they explain that if this reduction affects citizens and people with fewer resources they would support it, which is not incompatible with his request to raise taxes on large fortunes.

“This crisis has to be paid for by the benefits that fell from the sky”, María Teresa Pérez, secretary of Institutional Action of Podemos, insisted at a press conference. That is why she has insisted on the implementation of a "progressive and ambitious tax reform". "It is time for large companies to contribute what corresponds to them," she added.

The IMV, “completely insufficient”

In the press conference this Monday, Podemos has also made another announcement. The Ministry of Social Rights headed by the leader of the party, Ione Belarra, will propose in the Council of Ministers to "improve" the implementation of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) because, as he recalled, "not even half of families” who have the right to receive it.

Pérez has insisted that the deployment of the IMV must be “accelerated”, “facilitating” bureaucratic obstacles and making “the regulation” more flexible, which, in his opinion, “has to contemplate exceptions for complex situations.” But Podemos has gone further and proposes "increasing the amount of the benefit and the income thresholds because in a context of inflation it is completely insufficient for a person who lives alone to be receiving 491 euros."

Belarra's party proposes "improving it by 18%", so that a single person would charge 580 euros per month, as well as "revising" the "access age" to facilitate the collection of the amount.

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