Podemos studies "measures" before Ferreras' audios and accuses him of "anti-democratic practices" and "coup"

Podemos studies "measures" before Ferreras' audios and accuses him of "anti-democratic practices" and "coup"

"We are studying all the possibilities and all the measures against these facts." With these words, the co-spokesperson of Podemos María Teresa Pérez expressed herself this Monday, alluding to the conversation recorded by former commissioner José Manuel Villarejounveiled this weekend by Free Chronicle, which the corrupt police officer shares with the director of La Sexta, Antonio García Ferreras, and the director of Atresmedia, Mauricio Casals. "The content of the audios that reveal the media intoxication against Podemos is important enough to take action," he added, at a press conference.

Audios recorded by Villarejo to Ferreras uncover the origin of the news about the false account of Pablo Iglesias

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The recordings are, in his opinion, “proof of something that Podemos has been denouncing for years and that people know every day”, which is that “there has been an anti-democratic alliance of businessmen, right-wing politicians, corrupt police officers and journalists to destroy Podemos. and try to influence the electoral result”. The Podemos leadership maintains that "those who have tried to skip the rules of the game have damaged democracy and the rule of law and this is truly worrying."

The dynamic is as follows, according to Pérez: “Corrupt businessmen and politicians from the PP, from the Núñez Feijóo party, ordered the creation of false evidence. Later, corrupt police officers like former commissioner Villarejo carried out those orders and wrote false reports and evidence so that, thirdly, journalists who do not deserve to be called journalists like Antonio García Ferreras would be in charge of spreading these lies to influence the electoral result.” The leader of Podemos has considered, however, that "Feijóo's PP is willing to do anything to end Podemos, even with State resources, through illegal practices and lies."

Regarding the specific conversation between Villarejo and Ferreras, Podemos believes that “what it reveals is really serious and worrying” because it shows “anti-democratic practices by enemies of the state and their information henchmen who have not only attacked Podemos but have wanted to influence in the election result. "The coup has more to do with the judicial and political war than with the tanks," Pérez assured. "Ferreras knowingly spread information that was false against Podemos and Pablo Iglesias in which he accused the latter of receiving money from the Government of Venezuela," he added.

“Two months before the elections”

Pérez has recalled that “the moment was not accidental” since “it was held two months before the 2016 general elections” in which “not only having a progressive majority was at stake, but also that Podemos would lead” that left-wing government. It was, he has said, a "campaign of lies organized by those in power against Podemos in key elections." For this reason, he has asked himself: "Who would have governed in 2016 if these false information had not been published?"

The leadership of the party headed by the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has asked to "learn from the past" and has considered "it is necessary to purge responsibilities at all levels, political, judicial and media". Pérez believes that "no democracy can afford powers that do not stand for election." “If those responsibilities are not cleared up, that could continue to happen.” The lesson is, therefore, that a choice must be made between “fair play or sewers of the State”.

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