Podemos signals an attempt to destabilize the Government for the investigation against them, while the PP calls for resignations and Sánchez is silent

The judicial investigation against Podemos for an alleged crime of embezzlement and unfair administration has provoked the reaction of the opposition parties. Both the PP and Ciudadanos have demanded in the last hours the resignation of the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, for the imputation of the party of which he is the maximum leader. Vox, which has been admitted to the case as a popular accusation, has demanded the total departure of Podemos from the Executive until an alleged "illegal financing" is clarified to which the judge, for the moment, does not expressly point. That would be precisely the cause behind a judicial movement, according to the Podemos complaint: weakening the coalition government and pushing for its expulsion from it. The PSOE, for its part, is silent. Pedro Sánchez has limited himself to expressing his "maximum respect" for the "independence of the Judiciary."

We can report a "prospective research" and demands that the Madrid Court annul the case due to its financing

We can denounce a "prospective investigation" and demand that the Madrid Court annul the case due to its financing

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He sprint Judge Juan José Escalonilla to take a statement from the ex-lawyer of Podemos José Manuel Calvente, signatory of the complaint that supports the entire process, and dictate two separate orders that included a wide battery of proceedings at the end of the month of July, has served the party of Iglesias to denounce what they consider a "prospective investigation" that the law prevents. The Madrid examining magistrate has ordered the organization to present a series of documentation that ranges from electoral expenses to the salaries of certain workers, passing through the contracts for the refurbishment works of the new headquarters. In addition, he has summoned the Secretary of Communication, Juan Manuel del Olmo, and other party workers, as well as other companies that have done work for Podemos, to testify as investigated. The declarations are scheduled for the middle of next November.

From Podemos they believe that the judge's rush to issue the indictments has a political objective: "to spruce up" the motion of censure announced by Santiago Abascal's party and for which there is still no date. This was pointed out this Wednesday by the spokesman for the Party's Coordination Council, Rafael Mayoral, in two interviews. For the also deputy, "anything goes against Podemos", including what in his opinion is "a set of assumptions that are not supported anywhere, that would border on ridicule, if it were not because there is a legal proceeding underway."

Mayoral assured that for a long time "an attempt was made to prevent us from entering the government," referring to the information about the alleged illegal financing of Podemos that flooded the media in 2015 and 2016 and was later filed by the courts, including the National Court and the Supreme. "Today they want to remove us from the Government," he settled.

Abascal himself has already pointed out on Twitter that this cause is a "reason" for the motion of censure, alluding to the alleged financing of the party through "narco dictatorships and totalitarian regimes" to which the judge does not allude in any of the documents that appear in the case to which elDiario.es has accessed. In fact, the judge is investigating, at least for the moment, Podemos payments to third parties, not the entry of money into the party.

However, beyond the motion of censure, Vox has claimed that Podemos in its entirety be removed from the Government "while the judicial investigation lasts."

Vox's motion, announced in the last plenary session of Congress before the holidays, does not have the necessary support in advance to move forward. Not even the PP and Ciudadanos have hinted that they would support him, despite the fact that not even with their votes would there be enough to dismount Pedro Sánchez and the coalition government.

But that does not mean that the two parties have missed the opportunity to attack the Executive. The PP has already demanded the resignation of Pablo Iglesias. His Deputy Secretary for Communication, Pablo Montesinos, said on Wednesday that the second vice president "cannot remain seated for another minute in the Council of Ministers."

The PP spokesman accused those of Iglesias of responding with an "attack on the rule of law" in response to a party that sits in the Council of Ministers has been "attacking the rule of law." For this reason, the PP asks Pedro Sánchez "to press the red button" and dismiss Iglesias.

From Ciudadanos they have lowered their tone a bit and have limited themselves to asking the leaders of Podemos for "explanations". The deputy spokesperson for Citizens in Congress, Edmundo Bal, believes that "Spaniards deserve to know the role played" by Pablo Iglesias in the alleged irregularities, reports Europa Press. The party of Inés Arrimadas believes that the secretary general of Podemos should appear in the Committee on Democratic Quality and Against Corruption "to report the latest information regarding the irregular financing of United Podemos and the recent accusation of both the party and senior officials. positions of the same and the role of the vice president in this matter. "

In the PSOE, for the moment they are silent. Pedro Sánchez has only spoken about the matter during his appearance before the media after the usual summer dispatch with the king at the Marivent Palace in Palma. The Prime Minister received questions about the whereabouts of Juan Carlos de Borbón and about the legal problems of Podemos. In both cases, the Socialist leader kept quiet for an answer.

Regarding the emeritus king, he limited himself to pointing out that the conversations with the head of state are secret. And about Podemos, he asked "the utmost respect for the Judiciary" and let the rule of law act. Despite questions from journalists, the president did not move a comma from his first answer.

VIDEO | Sánchez, on the investigation of the financing of Podemos: "Maximum respect for the work of the Judiciary"

With the country's political life at half gas, and with the judicial process halted for the month of August, it is not unlikely that the media noise about the Podemos investigation will be reduced for the Government. But curves appear on the September horizon. Not only because of this process, but also because of the one investigating the theft of the mobile phone belonging to Dina Bousselham, a former collaborator of Iglesias, whose content ended up in various media and forming part of the PISA report. The judge has called Calvente to testify, who said in an interview that it was all "a montage" of Podemos. Something that was denied this Tuesday by his former political boss in the party, Gloria Elizo.

Calvente's statement before Manuel García-Castellón and the possible new investigations that Escalonilla may order, provided that the Provincial Court of Madrid does not annul his instruction, they will reactivate the political offensive against the Government at the turn of the summer, if it stops during August .


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