Podemos says that the Crown cannot be "above public scrutiny"

The co-spokesperson for Podemos, Rafael Mayoral, has defended this Thursday that "no institution", in reference to the Crown, can be "above public scrutiny in a democracy" when asked about the alleged irregularities of King Juan Carlos that have led to Felipe I saw you give up your inheritance.

"At the moment it is difficult to deepen this controversy but without a doubt no institution can be above public scrutiny in a democracy, none," he said in an interview in RNE Mayoral.

The spokesman for the purple formation has spoken like this after Felipe VI sent a message to the nation last night in which he asked to put aside the differences and join the fight against the coronavirus, in which he did not mention his decision to resign his father's inheritance and to withdraw his budget allocation.

Mayoral has referred to the decision of the Congress not to investigate the origin of the supposed fortune of the king emeritus to emphasize that "all the powers of the state emanate from the people" and that this means that "sooner or later the people will have the right to to know the truth and to know what has happened ".

And also to assess - he said - "if in a democratic society it is possible that the Head of State is not subject to responsibility."


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