Podemos offers itself to Yolanda Díaz to "add" and "widen the space" after the act of the vice president with Errejón

Podemos offers itself to Yolanda Díaz to "add" and "widen the space" after the act of the vice president with Errejón

"We are here to add and to widen the political space." With these words, the spokesman for Podemos Pablo Fernández expressed himself this Monday when asked about the campaign act this Sunday in Malaga in which they coincided the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, and the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón. In the event, both staged the reconciliation of United We Can with the Errejón party after the schism that occurred in 2019.

United We Can seeks to stage unity in the Andalusian campaign after a negotiation that leaves scars in space

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“It is time to unite all forces, both in the municipalities and in the autonomous communities”, assured Fernández, who stressed that Podemos will work “providing all the strength to add and articulate a winning project”. “Yolanda is our candidate”, he has insisted, to emphasize that her party “always” is “adding and contributing”. "She is the best possible candidate and she is the candidate of Podemos", she has insisted, trying to leave behind internal discrepancies that were generated in the negotiation of the coalition Por Andalucía between Podemos, IU and the vice president.

These words from the leadership of Podemos come a day after the former vice president and founder of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, took advantage of an event in Cádiz to defend the Por Andalucía project and its candidate Inma Nieto. “These are campaign days in Andalusia and I wanted, first of all, to send all my support and all my love to the militancy of Por Andalucía and all the organizations that are working hard in this campaign. All my support and all my love for Inma Nieto, the candidate, she did very well in the debate, she is doing very well and I want to give her a few words of recognition”, Iglesias highlighted.

But, in addition, Iglesias also conveyed his support and affection to the rest of his colleagues who work on that Andalusian candidacy and explicitly referred to Íñigo Errejón, from whom Iglesias had been very distant since he left Podemos to form a platform together with Manuela Carmena and be candidate for the Community of Madrid in 2019. “Also, of course, all my support and affection for the colleagues who are at the central rally of Por Andalucía in Malaga, Yolanda Díaz, Iñigo Errejón and all the colleagues who are there, I think that if the people on the left mobilize, after the elections there will be a decent government,” he said.

The “most ambitious” party in the coalition

At the press conference this Monday, the leaders of Podemos have also attributed the cap on the price of gas that the Council of Ministers plans to approve this Tuesday. “It is not as ambitious as we proposed from Podemos, but we are satisfied because the electricity bill is going to drop substantially for families, the self-employed and companies and it is going to reduce inflation,” Fernández assured.

It is, in his opinion, the “first intervention to regulate the electricity market. It is the first step on a path that aims to put an end to the scam of the large electricity companies”, he assured. In this sense, Fernández has celebrated that Podemos has been able to "convince the partner of the Government and the EU". “The advances that we achieve from Podemos do not go so fast, but it is the political force that drives the most ambitious measures in the coalition government. They are courageous measures at the height of what citizens demand from a progressive Executive”, he pointed out.

The also spokeswoman María Teresa Pérez has regretted, for her part, that the PSOE did not support last week the consideration of the United We Can proposal for a tax on large fortunes. "It cannot be workers and pensioners who leave impoverished again," she pointed out. It is disappointing that the PSOE prevented even opening the debate, at a key moment”, she pointed out, in addition to accusing the Socialists of positioning themselves “on the side of the billionaires”.

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