Podemos joins France in its rejection of the MidCat gas pipeline

Predictably, France has not enthusiastically welcomed the aspirations of its German and Spanish neighbors to resume the project to build the MidCat gas pipeline through the Pyrenees. Yesterday an email from the Government of Emmanuel Macron was leaked in which it is emphasized that this infrastructure "would take a long time to be operational" and, "therefore, it would not respond to the current crisis." The reaction of France, which would be in charge of transporting this gas to Central Europe, comes after the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, asserted that they had been asking for "a long time" to reactivate a project with which it is intended to transport Algerian gas to through Spain to the rest of Europe. Sánchez's words were in turn a reaction to statements by the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who assured that the MidCat "would greatly contribute" to facilitating the supply of energy, in question after the war in Ukraine. Related News standard Yes The gas pipeline promoted by Germany, a pipeline that contributes 'nothing' to Hostalric Daniel Tercero The decision of France, in 2012, to abandon the MidCat project left the end of the work in Spain in the population of Girona, which maintains an almost abandoned substation In addition, the third vice president of the Government and minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, said last week that the gas pipeline "could be operational in just seven or eight months." Scholz is one of the most interested in reactivating this project because Germany is one of the European countries most dependent on Russian gas imports, for which alternatives are sought as a measure of pressure due to the war started by Moscow in Ukraine. . Another crack in the coalition Meanwhile, in Spain, this issue reopens another crack in the coalition government, since Podemos has reaffirmed its opposition to the MidCat gas pipeline because it believes that the idea of ​​resuming construction is just a "wish" of Germany that Vice President Teresa Ribera and the PSOE “have bought”, because at the moment it is unknown with what funds it would be paid and “the fundamental thing” is that France decides, where the installation would pass, reports Ep. Related News standard If Spain and Germany, heads and tails in the gas supply strategy Javier González Navarro Our country built the first regasification plant half a century ago; the German state does not have any This is how the co-spokesperson of the purple party, Javier Sánchez, expressed himself yesterday, who recalls that last May United We Can already voted against in Congress a text agreed by the PSOE, PP and Cs in support of gas and electricity interconnections. "Our position is known in this regard, we voted negatively on a non-law proposition," he recalled. The leader of Podemos admitted that the gas "is going to be used this winter as a weapon of war", but sees it necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages of a facility of this type, because although it could help Spain to export green hydrogen, "At the same time, it always has an ecological impact."

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