Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Podemos faces the Electoral Board for projecting Bárcenas papers without permission

Podemos se enfrenta a la Junta Electoral por proyectar ‘Los papeles de Bárcenas’ sin permiso

The authorship of the video, it remains to resolve legality. Something that should calibrate the meeting
Electoral after the City Council Madrid I have assured that the projection of the video of the so-called "papers of Bárcenas"In the Plaza Mayor did not have an" express "authorization.

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The councilor-president of the Municipal Board of the Central District, Jorge García Castaño, had not signed the authorization for the screening of this video, whose authorship has been attributed
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in their social networks, for which the Consistory sources confirm that the file will be reviewed.

The problem, therefore, is permissions, and not content. According to the Consistory has clarified, "in this type of authorizations, the City Council has ensured that only responsible for the act on the public road and never the content thereof." So much so that "the record did not include anything of the video or the content," they reiterated.

You have to go back to Thursday, two days before the screening, to establish the start of the application. The channel used for this, as they point from the Palacio de Cibeles, is the "correct", however it is not complete without the ratification of the councilor-president of the district. However, from the City Council have noted that "there was a preliminary authorization" by a technician of the Center District Board, since the technical documentation provided by the developer "was correct." Is this enough?

It will be this body that clarifies whether an act of this type can be carried out at this time, before the election campaign after both the PP and Citizens have requested that responsibilities be cleared for this action.

In that sense the popular candidate to the City Council, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has described what happened as "an exercise in shameful complicity between Pablo Iglesias and Manuela Carmena to attack the Popular Party in a dirty way". "If they keep the 'do not come back', we keep the 'not to come', the hate speech to the city of Madrid does not come, the populist radical left does not come to the city of Madrid and to deceive again Madrileños. Very black has to see the electoral expectations to have to resort to these tricks, "he added.

The two hours of the controversy

This Saturday, the facade of the Bakery House in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid was lit between 9.00 and 11.00 pm with large-scale images of the so-called "Bárcenas papers", where the names of "M. Rajoy "or" R. Rato ", and another with Pedro Sánchez and Albert Rivera and the legend" but do not conform ".

The projection of these images is part of the campaign designed by Podemos with the slogan 'Do not come back', which the training has begun to spread on social networks accompanied by a black and white video.

Do we need fair play in Spanish politics?

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