June 16, 2021

Podemos demands that Interior investigate the police charges in the protests against the selective confinements of Madrid

Unidos Podemos has requested this Friday from the Ministry of the Interior and the Government Delegation in Madrid an investigation into the police charges produced on Thursday afternoon in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas during the protests over selective lockdowns approved by the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “We have asked the Government delegate and the Minister of the Interior to open an investigation and activate the appropriate sanctions,” said the spokesman for Podemos and deputy in Congress, Rafael Mayoral, in a tweet.

Heavy police charges and three detainees in a protest in front of the Madrid Assembly in Vallecas against selective confinements

Heavy police charges and three detainees in a protest in front of the Madrid Assembly in Vallecas against selective confinements

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In other messages, Mayoral considers that some of the police actions, which were recorded and disseminated on social networks, “are manifestly illegal and unacceptable attacks in a democracy.” And he concludes: “These are the shameful consequences of trying to stop the pandemic in Madrid by stigmatizing popular neighborhoods with segregating measures, instead of reinforcing public services. COVID-19 is a health problem, not a public order problem.”

Mayoral’s messages arrive during the meeting of the Podemos Secretariat, the executive enlarged.

IU calls for the release of the detainees

From Izquierda Unida there have also been reactions to the action of the National Police Riot Police that took place in Vallecas on Thursday. In a statement, the coalition condemns “the unjustified charges with six injured people.” And he continues: “We demand the release of the three detainees for defending public health and denouncing the classism of the regional government of Díaz Ayuso.”

In another statement, IU of Madrid “rejects and condemns violent police action” and shows its support for the neighborhood mobilizations against the decisions taken by the Ayuso government, which will continue this weekend.

They are not the only messages of condemnation that have been launched from the United We Can space in recent hours. The Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, has described the charges as “acts of unjustified and disproportionate police violence.” Rosell, a judge by profession,

The spokesperson for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly, Isa Serra, lamented the “difference between today’s performance in Vallecas and that of Núñez de Balboa in the State of Alarm.”

A message in which the spokesman in Congress, Pablo Echenique, abounds, who believes that “something important is broken in our democracy and someone has done a very bad job.”

Other leaders of the space have also shown their displeasure with the police action on Thursday, such as Carlos Sánchez Mato (IU) or the general secretary of Podemos Madrid, Jesús Santos.

At the moment, none of the members of the Council of Ministers from United We can have commented on what happened.


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