Podemos considers that the return of the emeritus places the monarchy in an "absolutely unsustainable situation"

Podemos has inaugurated this Saturday the first day with political activity of its Spring Festival, which is being held in Valencia, denouncing the "embarrassment" of the return to Spain of the king emeritus and summoning a State debate on the continuity of the monarchy. The party's Secretary of Organization, Lilith Verstrynge, has considered that this visit by Juan Carlos I has placed the Royal House "in a situation that is already totally unsustainable", For this reason, she has assured that "what the country has to do it is to think of the Republic not as an end but as a process, it involves electing the Head of State but also public services, State structures and public actors”.

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“Spain has to be republican”, Verstrynge has maintained in statements to the media. “After 72 hours of almost media embarrassment and following the arrival of the king, it is time to make things clear. At this moment in our country there is not a single king, but there are two kings in a situation in which neither of them is accountable to the citizens and who is not explaining the situation, ”he lamented.

From Podemos, he recalled, they have been "for many years saying that justice is not the same for everyone and that there is a clear situation of inviolability". “The problem is not the king, the problem is the monarchical structure and its unwillingness to be accountable to the public beyond a few photos in some regattas in leisure situations in which one comes to spend a vacation and not to explain what has been happening”, added the number two of the party led by the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra. For her, “Spain has to be republican”. In addition, Verstrynge has considered that "the Royal House is doing the country a disservice and the least they should do is explain."

Right after her, the secretary of Horizonte Republicano de Podemos, Rafa Mayoral, has assured that "the big question is whether the monarchy is going to survive its corruption", precisely the issue that has focused one of the tables of the party that is celebrating the match in Valencia. In his opinion, "cover-ups, accomplices and co-participants are scandalized because Juan Carlos comes to do what he has always done."

“The problem is democracy”

“In this way of protecting the impunity of the monarchy we are seeing that the Tax Agency is being put in crisis because a regularization is accepted that would not be accepted for any other person. The credibility of the Prosecutor's Office is being put in danger because it sends some decrees that there is nowhere to take them. The Supreme Court is being called into question when complaints are filed that have clear indications of a crime and the Congress of Deputies is being called into question when the lawyers do not let us discuss the structure of the State”, he denounced.

For him "the debate that has to be put on the table", especially as a result of the return of the emeritus king, "is the democratization of the State". There is, in Mayoral's opinion, a "need to democratize all the structures that have become co-participants in the mischief of the monarchist dynasty." "The problem we have is not a problem of honor, it is one of democracy and at some point it has to be solved," he added.

“The Republic means the Government of the people for the people and that is what we are going to be. We don't know where the rest is going to be, but we are seeing a lot of 'juancarlista' being very embarrassed for having covered up the scandals of systematic corruption that has been the note of the reign of Juan Carlos I”, he riveted, in clear allusion to, among others, the PSOE, the party with which they govern in coalition. "The measures adopted in the Zarzuela pact between PSOE, PP and the Royal House do not establish any mechanism to prevent this situation from being repeated," he added. Mayoral has predicted that Podemos will call for citizen mobilizations in favor of the Republic because "people have the right to decide on all things."

At the debate table, the monarchy was spoken of as an "archaic system" and the leaders who have participated in it, such as Mayoral himself but also the spokeswoman for Podemos Isa Serra, have considered that the monarchy "can survive corruption ” because these practices are not sufficiently punished by citizens. "The PSOE has acted as support for the pillar of the monarchy and it is wrong," said Serra. In addition, they have considered that "people are moving away" from the monarchy, with which they see the republican horizon closer. They have also delved into the need to address the inviolability of the king as a first step on that path.

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