Podemos claims a pact and Escrivá bluntly denies it

Gonzalo D. VelardeCONTINUEMadrid Updated: 06/10/2022 03:59h

Although the session for
final approval of the public pension fund
this Thursday in Congress was much calmer and less chaotic than the one experienced just seven days ago for the approval of amendments, the vote on the bill had its dose of confusion, ending in fact in a scuffle between the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, and United We Can on account of the unstopping of the maximum contribution bases.

Specifically, this misunderstanding that lasted until late in the afternoon, when Minister Escrivá wanted to settle the controversy after the vote on the bill in plenary that gives the green light to the public pension fund by a meager margin of eight votes. And after the spokeswoman for United We Can in the Toledo Pact, Isabel Franco, announced at the lectern that an agreement had been reached with Social Security to "unstop maximum pensions" - an error that she immediately clarified on networks adding that the agreement is for an unstopping of the maximum bases and the maximum retirement pension.

Escrivá clarified that the unstopping of the contribution bases will be discussed in the social dialogue and insisted that they are "very careful in the work methodology." That after the Plenary Session of Congress revoked the unstopping of the contribution bases that it approved last week
when the PSOE made a mistake in a vote
of amendments to the draft law on employment pension plans in the Labor, Inclusion, Social Security and Migration Commission of the Lower House. Of course, the breakthrough that Podemos managed to sneak into the bill was in its harshest version: raising contributions to those who earn more than 49,000 euros a year and not raising the maximum pension. In short, a blow of 5,000 million euros in contributions for salaries above that limit.

To settle the differences between the two government partners, PSOE and United We Can, the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration defended that both are part of the same Executive. "Obviously we will agree within the Government what we have to do and we will take it to social dialogue," he assured.

the intrahistory

However, Moncloa sources consulted by ABC slip the idea of ​​​​an attempt by United We Can to justify its final support to the public fund, where it is the only party of the leftist spectrum -along with the PSOE- that has granted its votes for this point. of the pension reform. In fact, for the purple formation today's move was doubly complex: first to support the particular vote that repeals the United We Can amendments accepted due to the error of the PSOE and then to vote in favor of the final opinion of the project, which serves to send the text to the Senate.

At this point, as these sources confirm, there would have been no explicit agreement beyond the guarantees transmitted by Escrivá to the purple formation that before negotiating this point at the dialogue table with the social agents as part of the second leg of the pension reform, a common starting point would be reached within the Council of Ministers.

What did make headlines among the chaff that proliferated due to the misunderstanding is that the Minister of Social Security confirmed that this unstoppable situation will be the first point to be negotiated with the social agents once the reform of the self-employed workers' contribution system is brought to Congress. . Official sources confirm to ABC, in addition, that it will be done in the terms in which
compromised this point of the measure with Brussels
more than a year ago: a path of 30 years and with a proportional increase in the maximum retirement pension to "not undermine" the contribution of the public system.

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