Podemos Cantabria suspends from membership two regional deputies

Podemos Cantabria suspends from membership two regional deputies

The Coordination Council of Podemos Cantabria has decided this afternoon to temporarily suspend the militancy of its regional deputies José Ramón Blanco and Verónica Ordóñez, who in the last week have staged their confrontation derived from the denunciation of her for labor harassment against him.

This decision, which affects two of the three deputies that Podemos has in the Parliament of Cantabria, occurs after Blanco returned to the regional Chamber after two months absent due to the complaint that Ordóñez and two other party mates filed against him for alleged harassment at work.

After the return of Blanco to the plenary session of the Parliament this Monday, Verónica Ordóñez warned that she would not sit next to her in the Podemos caucus and decided not to attend the session held on Thursday, December 20, in which she approved the regional budgets.

This afternoon, at a meeting of the Coordination Council, as reported by the party, it has been decided to suspend the membership of these two deputies, who together with Alberto Bolado form the parliamentary group of Podemos, until the investigation processes are resolved They are carrying out both the party and the judicial bodies.

In a statement, Podemos Cantabria explains that the "particular" disputes between the two "are contributing to degenerate the image of the party and diminish the credibility of its political value."

In addition, they accuse them of "pushing" the parliamentary group into an "untenable" and "unworthy" situation for a force whose priority must be to offer solutions and guarantees to citizens.

For this reason, according to Podemos Cantabria, its general secretary, Rosana Alonso, will request the Committee of Democratic Guarantees of the party a process of investigation "in conditions, serious, objective and with all the legal guarantees", which, in his opinion, " at no time has it been done. "

In Alonso's opinion, this has prevented "providing a real solution to the problems presented."

Until now, the regional leader of Podemos has argued that "the only resolution proposal is that prepared by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee", whose intervention it considers "very unfortunate and arbitrary".

And he recalled that, according to the Secretary of State Organization, Pablo Echenique, it is an organ "independent of the party and without any sanctioning capacity".

Therefore, Rosana Alonso considers "that it is time for an urgent solution to the internal problems without enquistamientos" with the aim of dedicating the efforts of the party to the improvement of the welfare of the citizens, which is, in their opinion, the "only task" for which Can Cantabria "would have to generate covers".


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