Podemos Cantabria provisionally suspends from militancy to two deputies for a complaint of workplace harassment

The agreement, adopted by the party's management, also includes a request to Blanco to submit his minutes, something that he already requested training at the beginning of the week and what was opposed by the person involved.

The suspension of the militancy of both in Podemos is precautionary and temporary, until the investigation processes, both internal and judicial, that are being carried out in the purple organization are resolved.

In a press release, sent at the end of the meeting of the Coordination Council -integrated by the same members that make up the Citizen- We can indicate that the "different disputes" happened in recent months and the "particular actions" of Blanco y Ordóñez they are contributing to "degenerate the image of the party and diminish the credibility of its political value".

In addition, the regional leadership believes that both deputies have contributed to "pushing the Parliamentary Group to an unsustainable situation, unworthy of a force whose priority must be to offer solutions and guarantees to citizens."

And it is that White, following the complaint by harassment of Ordóñez -which also interposed the general secretary in Santander, Lydia Alegría, and the party reporter- admitted the facts and said, last October, that he renounced his act , end that did not materialize when taking a medical leave.

Since then, and until this last Monday, he had not appeared in the Chamber, to which he returned after transcending that he had been a month high and without going to work. His reinstatement prompted Ordóñez to request protection from the Bureau so as not to sit next to him in the weekly plenary session. In the face of the budget debate, held on Thursday, he asked for the telematic vote, which was denied, so the withdrawal was taken.

After all this, the general secretary of Podemos Cantabria and national deputy, Rosana Alonso, announced at the meeting of the management that she will request the Committee of Democratic Guarantees of the party the start of a research process "in conditions, serious, objective and with all the legal guarantees of the same ".

In the opinion of this podemita -which was removed from the primary to elect the electoral candidate and also attended by Ordóñez, whom he defeated in the race for the General Secretariat- believes that "at no time has this process been carried out in the cited conditions, "thus preventing providing a real solution to the problems presented."

In this regard, he pointed out that "until now" the "only" motion for a resolution is the one prepared by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, "whose intervention has been very unfortunate and arbitrary. "

It reproduces the words of the Secretary of State Organization, Pablo Echenique, who believes that it is "an independent body of the party and without any sanctioning capacity."

Therefore, the management of Podemos Cantabria and its leader believe that "it is time for urgent solutions to be given to internal problems without encysting, to dedicate our efforts to the only task for which we would have to generate covers: the improvement of the welfare of the citizenship of Cantabria ".


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