Podemos calls for Batet's resignation due to the withdrawal of Alberto Rodríguez's seat

Podemos requests the resignation of the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, after the withdrawal of the seat of Alberto Rodríguez. This Monday the co-spokespersons of the Ione Belarra formation, Isabel Serra and Pablo Fernández, have repeatedly asked that "Mrs. Batet has to resign." Serra has claimed that the performance of the top leaders of the Lower House has been "very serious" and a "shame". "The president of Congress acts against the law," added the spokeswoman for Podemos, who has also argued that Batet's march is "the most dignified way out."

In an interview on Catalunya Radio, the president of the confederal group in Congress, Jaume Asens, has positioned itself on the same line. He has charged against the actions of the president of Congress. He considers that "it was not inevitable" to leave Rodríguez without a seat because he had already "paid" the fine imposed by the sentence. In addition, it defends that Batet "has invented a second sentence", which "was not provided for in the sentence", with the withdrawal of the record from Rodríguez.

Rodriguez has registered this Monday a requirement requesting an explanation for the withdrawal of the seat. "You have decided to deprive me of my seat as a deputy, when and by what resolution was such a measure adopted?" Likewise, it requires an answer to "delimit the object of the future litigation" that maintains that it is "constitutionally guaranteed".

Rodríguez also asks on what legal basis Batet has decided "to transform an accessory penalty of special disqualification for the right to passive suffrage during the time of the sentence into a deprivation of the seat", thereby creating "a penalty not provided for in the sentence" . In the letter, the former deputy recalls that he was elected in November 2019 and questions "which of the many precept contained in the organic law of the General Electoral System considers that the president of Congress has applied" to him.

In the press conference that was held this Monday, Fernández acknowledged that Rodríguez did not inform the party leadership that he was leaving the political formation, as the former deputy announced this Saturday at the last minute, and his resignation from participation in state party structures in the Canary Islands, after verifying "their limits from a self-centered archipelagic perspective," he pointed out in the statements he made after landing at Los Rodeos airport, in Tenerife.

24 hours before Rodríguez's statement, from the formation they made sure that they would denounce Batet for the decision taken. "We will file a complaint against Meritxell Batet for prevarication," they assured from the press team of the confederal group. Despite this message sent to the media, Fernández has assured that "they have never" said "that the complaint was going to be presented by United We Can."

As already reported by this wording, Neither Yolanda Díaz nor Alberto Garzón nor Los Comunes shared the strategy announced from Podemos and they found out about the plan when it was already announced. Even so, since Belarra's formation has insisted on ensuring that the demand was only driven by Rodríguez. In addition, Serra has assured that "not only the direction, even the 35 deputies of the parliamentary group" were aware. "The confederal space is made available to Alberto's will to sue Batet", he pointed out.

Finally, the claim for prevarication against the president of Congress will not be presented, sas announced by the new legal team who has assumed the defense of the former deputy after he has left political training. "We will always be behind Alberto," added Fernández, who guarantees "maximum respect" for Rodríguez's decision.

This Monday, the confederal group meets with his partner in government after that the secretary general of Podemos, Ione Belarra, requested the convocation of the monitoring table of the government agreement after the PSOE decided to reserve control of the labor reform that Yolanda Díaz has been negotiating for months. "We think that Nadia Calviño, who is a person who has always been against repealing the labor reform, perhaps is not the [persona] more suitable to pilot this process ", Serra stressed, on the claims that UP maintains for today's meeting.


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