Podemos asks García Castellón to investigate the dirty war against the party in the Kitchen case

The legal representation of Podemos has requested the judge in the Villarejo case, Manuel García Castellón, to incorporate several recently published audios into the piece 7 or Kitchen, including the one in which the retired commissioner appears commenting on the manipulation of a document against Pablo Iglesias with the journalist Antonio Ferreras and the director of Atresmedia Mauricio Casals.

José Luis Olivera: commissioner willing to fabricate false accounts

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Podemos includes this recording among others that asks that Luis Bárcenas be investigated in the context of espionage with reserved funds, considering that it also affects the 'political' missions that were entrusted to the commissioner and his group during the last PP government and among the which is the one in which María Dolores de Cospedal asks Villarejo to be done with the "notebook"in reference to the notes of box B that the former treasurer had in his possession.

In one of the aforementioned recordings that Podemos requests to be incorporated into the Kitchen case, “Villarejo allegedly informs the then Minister of Defense of alleged investigations carried out by certain police officers, regardless of any judicial control, consisting of fabricating false reports and evidence with which we seek the ruin of the Podemos political party and several of its leaders”, the formation assures in its letter.

Podemos has already tried unsuccessfully to have the police maneuvers against the party investigated in the framework of the 'Dina case', something that Judge Manuel García Castellón rejected.

That false information, Podemos now adds in this new petition, was later delivered "from those same police authorities to certain digital media, all with the undisguised objective of discrediting political rivals in a context of electoral contest."

In this sense, the formation describes as "revealing" Villarejo's conversation with the former head of the UDEF, José Luis Olivera, who affirms: "It is not very expensive to give Pablo Iglesias an account from 5 years ago and then explain ”. The political formation also points to "communication professionals such as Mauricio Casals or Antonio García Ferreras, who expressly acknowledges in said recordings that the information that was broadcast from his media outlet was false."

In its brief, the purple formation demands that the judge clarify why this material has not been incorporated into the summary despite the "obvious relevance to the object of the investigation" and explain whether there are more recordings of equal relevance that are in the possession of the police support unit to the Court.

Some recordings, such as the one that indicates that Cospedal was aware of the sabotage operation in the Box B case, are not among the material seized from Villarejo that could be decrypted, according to sources in the case. The popular accusation of the PSOE in Kitchen has already requested the incorporation of that recording between Villarejo and Cospedal to the case and that it be reopened, a request to which Podemos adhered. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has taken several weeks to rule on the matter, as requested by the Court.

Piece 7 or Kitchen, about the espionage of Luis Bárcenas with reserved funds, is the only one that investigates political assignments to commissioner Villarejo in the Tándem case, since the documentation on his police missions has been protected by the judge with the classification of secrecysuch as his activities against the sovereignist process in Catalonia.

The Kitchen case was closed a year ago by Judge Manuel García Castellón in a surprising manner and prompted the appeal of most of the parties, including the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, who accused the magistrate of drawing "a red line" for not investigating the responsibility of the leadership of the Popular Party in the case. That closing of the instruction was accompanied by the file of the proceedings for which she was secretary general of the formation, María Dolores de Cospedal. Subsequently, the Criminal Chamber rejected the aforementioned appeals and agreed with the judge.

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