Podemos and Sánchez's partners reopen the wound with the PSOE for housing



The coalition government is bleeding again from the open wound with the housing law. While the PSOE seeks the moment to bring before the Constitutional Court The Catalan law that limits rental prices, Unidos Podemos and key parliamentary partners for Sánchez such as ERC, Bildu, Junts, the CUP, Más País and Compromís yesterday joined forces in Congress to try to stop this drift.

The scene was lived yesterday in the Lower House, where the Catalan tenants union, one of the most active in defending the cap on these rents, went to ask the Executive to “take note of a law that is working in Catalonia and that it would allow thousands of families who do not live in Catalonia to benefit from such a regulation, "said its spokesman Jaime Palomera. Behind him were the representatives of the aforementioned political formations. "We're totally against a possible recourse of unconstitutionality because this is a pioneering (Catalan) law that marks what must be done at the national level. We have already seen the good effects of this law in Catalonia and now we wish that for the whole of the State ”, said yesterday the deputy of United We Can Sofía Castañón.

In the environment of the purple formation it is taken for granted that the Department of Territorial Policy wants to take the appeal to the next Council of Ministers. An extreme that, officially, they do not take for granted in Miquel Iceta's team, where they prefer to give margin to the negotiation and it is pointed out that the deadline to extend the talks expires on June 21. Other government sources, however, assure that the appeal decision has already been made although they remember the need to fit this decision into the calendar and the granting of pardons to the independence leaders.


In any case, the appeal adds more fuel to the fire in the negotiation between PSOE and Podemos on account of the housing law, which is already several months behind the promised calendar. These conversations have been entrenched precisely on account of the limit on rent prices, something that the PSOE refuses -only willing to offer tax exemptions-, while it is an inalienable point for United We Can.

In the environment of the training led by Vice President Yolanda Díaz, this issue is especially uncomfortable, since it is an agreement to which the PSOE would have accessed up to two times, one first in the coalition agreement and another later in the framework of the General State Budgets, an agreement that gave air to the legislature.

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