Podemos and PP maintain in the air the validation of the Housing decree | Economy

Podemos and PP maintain in the air the validation of the Housing decree | Economy

The Decree on rentals last December It will be a wet paper if the PP or Podemos do not launch a lifeline to the Government in the next few hours. On the eve of the Plenary Session of the Congress that must convalidate this royal decree-law, both formations remain in the refusal to support it. "In principle we will vote 'no," Lucía Martín, adjunct spokesperson for Podemos, told the telephone Monday morning. In the training purple did not like that text, which the Government approved without consensus with its parliamentary partners and while parallel was negotiating with them on the matter, because they considered that it fails to comply with a prior agreement: the budget that they signed in October the Executive and Podemos.

The absence of references to rental price indices squeaked from the beginning. But there was more. Since Podemos believe that the literal decree does not respect what was agreed in terms of evictions, nor gives administrations enough right of pre-emption and retraction to prevent investment funds from buying whole blocks of flats, nor does it establish a minimum period of six months for that the landlord notifies the tenant, among other measures that appeared reflected in the text of the agreement last October.

To alleviate what seemed the main stumbling block, the Ministry of Public Works has moved in the last week. The Secretary General of Housing, Helena Beúnza, sent a letter dated January 15 to the National Institute of Statistics to ask him to prepare a statistic of rental prices, as advanced this Sunday eldiario.es. For We can the step is "positive" because It means to advance in obtaining official statistics, but "linking that to regular price increases does not make any sense", clarifies Martín. As an example points out that it is something that the PP already announced in 2017, being Minister of Development Íñigo de la Serna, without achieving anything concrete. It is one thing to have official statistics, indicate in the training purple, and another to enable the competent administrations to regulate price increases. "What we want is for them to continue working with us on a new decree", concludes Martín.

Also the PP is opposed to validate the decree, but for other reasons. In his opinion, the solution for rent is to put more housing on the market, and not to reverse the reforms that the Government of Rajoy made in 2013, when it shortened the duration of the contracts (the decree extends them from three to five years to natural persons and seven years if the landlord is a company). From Fomento, conversations began with the different groups two weeks ago, but apparently there is no progress. "They could have negotiated our abstention, but with the budget agreement with Podemos in the shade, you can not," says a parliamentary source of the PP.

With Citizens waiting to decide their position in the next few hours, negotiations continue. The decree counts at the moment with the votes of the PSOE and the nationalist forces. Both PDeCAT and PNV are inclined to the yes, with the aim of processing it later as a Bill to introduce amendments, as confirmed on Monday by sources from both parliamentary groups. The Compromís position, which to the generals came in coalition with Podemos but in the Congress is part of the Mixed Group, is similar.

The accounts, however, do not come out if at least they do not abstain We can and PP. Both parties add 201 seats, enough to reject the validation of the decree. It would be a blow to the government unprecedented since 1979. That year the permanent deputation knocked down a decree of the Government of Suarez to extend the Board of quartering, a body inherited from the Franco regime. This is the only time that the Government has not managed to take a measure through this route. In 2006, the lower house did repeal a decree of the Executive of Zapatero, but it was due to an error when voting the Socialist deputies, which was amended by presenting and rapidly ratifying another.


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