May 27, 2020

Pocoy settles in Gran Canaria to benefit from its tax advantages – La Provincia

The new chapters of the Pocoyo animation series will be held in Gran Canaria with the intention of benefiting from its tax advantages and "returning to the true essence of the character and its characteristic original language".

They are the words of director General of the production company Zinkia, Víctor López, during his speech yesterday at the Demonstration Center of Information and Communication Technologies for Tourism Innovation, in Infecar. López presented the new season of the series premiered in 2005 and awarded 38 international awards.

"Today the Canary Islands is an excellent opportunity for the audiovisual sector, not only because of the interesting policy of tax incentives sponsored by the different public administrations, but because we are in a perfect fit to be able to produce without losing quality," he said.

This production will be possible due to the joint work between the producers Zinkia, creator of Pocoyó, and their Canarian partner Koyi, created under the incentives offered by the Canary Islands Special Zone. Together they will hire 21 professionals from the Islands to produce 36 seven-minute chapters of the Spanish television series starring a blue boy, premiered fourteen years ago on ABC Australia, and another ten episodes to distribute on digital platforms.

López, stressed that in the Canary landing of Pocoyo, which will involve an investment of three million euros, 70 professionals will work, who will produce the new chapters of the series, with 16 million subscribers on YouTube, in the studios located at the headquarters of the Companies of Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria. López stressed that despite its white content, in which values ​​such as respect, tolerance, friendship or curiosity are very present, Pocoyo is currently one of the most successful children's spaces on digital platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO or Amazon. All combined with music that has become the soundtrack of the first years of life of several generations that make up a unique world.

Similarly, Pocoyo stars in 50 mobile applications that have surpassed 52 million downloads under a license with which millions of toys, books or textiles have been sold. Víctor López announced that the brand will continue to grow with initiatives such as a new toy maker that is expected to be marketed at Christmas 2020, in addition to new educational mobile applications whose contents coordinate with "a prestigious British university".

The company plans to produce video games for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch and open a store on Amazon this Christmas.


López said that this series, which will be broadcast on fourteen Chinese television channels and 13 digital platforms later this year, was designed, in part, by the will of its promoters to "give back to children everything they have given us ". And assured that the series has crossed the fashion because the stories are very well told in a drawing "with just the simplicity of a white background".

For its part, the founding partner of Koyi, Luis Armengol, announced that they are already working with the goal of producing other children's series such as Momochi Y Bampy the Bear for which they will look for international financing next week in Cannes. Armengal clarified that the business model of his company consists of the creation of entertainment brands, in addition to production services to international companies "thanks to the Tax Rebate that makes the state return 40% of taxes'", in addition to Develop your own channels focused on the entertainment sector of YouTube or Amazon with direct access to the audience.

Armengol also added that they will launch "a continuing education program for professionals who join the project in coordination with other producers."

Finally, the president of Cabildo of Gran CanariaAntonio Morales, hoped that the tax incentives of the Archipelago to the audiovisual industry will continue to attract large productions, since it will have an impact on the training of local professionals. Morales estimated that by the end of next year there may be 200 professionals who have received audiovisual training under these new productions.


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