January 22, 2021

Pocophone slips away from Xiaomi – La Provincia

TheChinese smartphone manufacturer POCO, responsible for the development of Pocophone F1 and that so far worked as aXiaomi sub-brand, has become an independent brand.

This has been confirmed through his personal Twitter account Xiaomi Global Vice President Manu Kumar Jain, who has assured that although the company as a sub-brand of Xiaomi, “has developed its own identity“as to be able to operate alone.

POCO originated in 2018, when in agostó launched its only ‘smartphone’ to date, the Pocophone F1, with high-end features at the moment, such as the Snapdragon 835 processor and 6 or 8 GB RAM, for a mid-range price.

POCO is not the first brand of smartphones independent of Xiaomi, since it is added to others such asMeitu, CC and Black Shark. In January 2019, while presenting the Redmi Note 7, the Chinese company announced that its mobile brand Redmi was also going to operate independently.


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