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Walking down the street at three in the afternoon on a hot August day will be much more bearable from 2020. At least in Japan. Sony has joined other initiatives, some of them Spanish, and has developed an air conditioning device in miniature called Reon Pocket. The device is inserted into an inner pocket of a special shirt (which for the moment, they are manufactured only for men) and cools the user. The battery lasts 90 minutes and it takes two hours to fully recharge it.

The device is intended for use by "businessmen", that is, men who are forced to wear suits in summer. That is the reason for the unique t-shirt design, according to the company, which can be purchased in sizes S, M and L. The Lite version of the device will cost 105 euros and the standard 167 euros. Both models include a t-shirt.

Reon Pocket cannot make air reach your face, but it guarantees freshness in the rest of the body by adjusting body temperature. Sony says the gadget lowers the body temperature of users by about 13 degrees Celsius. And on cold days, the temperature can increase 8 degrees Celsius. The small device, 5.4 centimeters x 2 centimeters and 1.6 centimeters high, weighs 85 grams and is controlled with a Bluetooth connection from the mobile phone.

It uses Peltier technology, (a cooler, heater or thermoelectric heat pump that transfers heat from one side of the device to the other commonly used in refrigerators and in the air conditioners of cars).

The device lowers the body temperature of users by about 13 degrees Celsius. And on cold days, the temperature can increase by about 8 degrees

The device It is a First Flight product, the platform of crowfunding Sony created in 2015. First Flight suggests original products to measure interest among potential customers before going on sale. It seems they have succeeded. With Reon Pocket, in a few days, more than 250,000 euros have been raised from around 1,800 sponsors. Sony plans to launch the air conditioning for sale in 2020, just in time for the Tokyo Olympics. If the device is well received, it will be exported to the rest of the world.

Some Cordoba were pioneers

Sony has nothing to envy Spanish talent. In March it went on sale a similar product created by a company based in C├│rdoba.

They called it Wendu (temperature in Chinese) and it does the same as Reon Pocket, that is, regulate body temperature to produce cold or heat in the user. Several technology companies, athletes, doctors and manufacturers in the automotive and textile sector were interested in the device also controlled by Bluetooth.

Wandu lowers the temperature to 20 degrees Celsius and heats it to 40 degrees with a small battery and a system that moves the particles inside four bulbs that are placed under the garments and in contact with the body. It has even more autonomy than Sony's invention. It works between six and eight hours without recharging.

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