Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

PNV supports Urkullu appearing in the Basque Parliament and calls for unity to the parties

The PNV supports that the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, appear in the Permanent Deputation of the Basque Parliament, understanding that it is “reasonable and necessary”, and that it will contribute to maintaining “these good relations” with the formations and preserving cooperation. Furthermore, he trusts that the parliamentary forces are capable of understanding the “emergency situation that exists and that they place the value of unity first.”

The Board of the Permanent Deputation has approved, at its meeting on Tuesday, the request of EH Bildu for Urkullu to appear in Parliament to explain the management of the Basque Government in the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

At the end of the meeting, the PNV MP Iñigo Iturrate recalled that the Lehendakari and the Health Minister, Nekane Murga, maintain “direct and permanent” channels of communication with the parties, who are informed with “full transparency of the present and future decisions. “

However, the jeltzales understand that Urkullu’s appearance before the Permanent Deputation is “reasonable and necessary”. “The explanations are being given, the information is shared with the groups, which can also make their own proposals to the Executive because there is a fluid dialogue,” he assured.

In this sense, he stressed that the Government, “how could it be otherwise, responds to all requests for information that groups register in Parliament.” “We understand that this is the climate of trust and cooperation that must be preserved and, therefore, we also understand that this appearance will contribute to maintaining these good relations,” he added.


The date on which the Lehendakari will detail the work that the Executive is carrying out to combat this pandemic has yet to be determined, but the Jeltzale leader has assured that it will be done “as soon as possible and taking into account the agenda” of Iñigo Urkullu.

The format of this appearance is yet to be finalized, since the possibility of making it electronically presents, according to Parliament’s technicians, several problems. The Chamber services are already working on the preparation of a report to determine the safest way of this intervention, which will be known this Wednesday.

In any case, as Iñigo Iturrate has stated, the appearance “will be adapted and will respect the decrees of state of sanitary emergency and alarm approved by the executives of Vitoria and Madrid, always respecting the recommendations of the sanitary authorities and complying with the measures of security”.

Iturrate has also recalled that the Basque Parliament has been closed since the 16th, except for the holding of meetings of the Permanent Deputation.


The PNV parliamentarian has also reported that the members of the Bureau of Parliament have rejected, with the votes of the PNV and PSE-EE representatives, the proposal that EH Bildu proposes regarding the functions of the Permanent Deputation.

The jeltzales consider that the nationalist coalition intends to provide this body “with powers that are not included in the Regulations of this institution.” Therefore, they have voted against.

In this way, the report that the legal counsel has presented and which warns of “the inadmissibility” of the initiative has been referred to, since it seeks a regulatory amendment through a non-law proposal, “which is not admissible”.

As stated in the report, “the proposed law does not intend to enable a parliamentary procedure not regulated in the House Regulations for the convocation of the Permanent Deputation, for which there is a specific procedure, regulated in article 66 of the Regulations of the Basque Parliament “.

The senior lawyer believes that, “in accordance with this, the proposal of the EH Bildu group should comply with the criteria established in article 66.4 and be reiterated on as many occasions as it would like the Permanent Deputation to meet.”

In this same sense, Iñigo Iturrate has stated that “the functions of the Permanent Deputation are very limited and it is the Regulation, in its article 66, that regulates them.” “Bildu’s approaches are not regulated in that Regulation and are beyond the extraordinary and unavoidable nature that is conferred on the Permanent Deputation,” he asserted.

In any case, he added that the Bureau has requested the legal services of this institution to write a report clarifying what are the powers and powers of this body.

Iturrate trusts that the parliamentary forces are capable of understanding the emergency situation that exists “and put the value of unity first.” “To society, to which we are grateful for the efforts it is making, we must give an example of collaboration, support and loyalty. Today we have tried to weigh and balance the right to health with the right to political participation,” he concluded.


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