March 3, 2021

PNV denounces graffiti in the Ariz batzoki, in Basauri (Vizcaya), and calls for the cessation of these “totalitarian actions”

The PNV has denounced a new attack committed in the last few hours against the Ariz batzoki, in Basauri (Vizcaya), in which unknown individuals have painted graffiti related to the situation of ETA prisoner Patxi Ruiz. The jeltzale formation has also recalled that there are already 14 headquarters sabotaged in Vizcaya in recent weeks and has called for the cessation of these actions as well as for all political parties to “publicly join this complaint and censor this type of totalitarian actions in a manner overwhelming”.

In a statement, the BBB has indicated that the graffiti collects with messages such as ‘Patxi Ruiz gose greban’ and ‘Amnistia osoa’, but it is “especially serious the content of one of them where unknown persons have drawn a target surrounding the initials of EAJ -PNV “.

“Such a threat is always unacceptable and even more so in 2020, when Basque society has left behind, for years now, this kind of violent demonstrations,” he added.

The headquarters of Durango, Abadiño, San Miguel (Basauri), Gurutzeta (Barakaldo), Gernika, Repélega (Portugalete), Mungia, Algorta, Getxo Zaharra, Berango, Igorre, Sabindarrak (San Ignazio-Bilbao) have also suffered attacks in recent weeks. ) and Portugalete.

The BBB has demanded the immediate cessation of these “unacceptable actions, since far from providing solutions, they do nothing but hinder the coexistence that most of Biscayan and Basque society longs for, which today wants and must focus all its efforts on defeating the pandemic of the coronavirus. “

In this sense, the Executive has urged all the political parties of Vizcaya and Euskadi to publicly join this complaint and censor this type of totalitarian actions in a forceful way.

“Unfortunately, this type of behavior has experienced in recent days a worrying outbreak before which neither civil society nor political parties can remain impassive. These acts show that even in the extraordinary situation we have been experiencing in recent months, there are those who seek to continue using the routes of blackmail, threat, coercion and insult for their supposed benefit. They have not yet realized that the Basque citizenry demands to build instead of destroying, dialogue instead of insulting, and respect instead of despising “, It’s over.


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