January 27, 2021

PNV believes “shameful” the attitude of the right and hopes that “verbal aggression” disappears in the following plenary sessions

The PNV deputy in Congress Josune Gorospe believes that the attitude of the right during the investiture session has been “embarrassing and unfortunate” and hopes that “verbal aggression” will disappear in the following plenary sessions in Parliament. In addition, he has assured that they will continue to defend Navarra’s interests “despite the pressures.”

In an interview with Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, Gorospe has criticized “verbal aggression” and the “tone” that has been used by right-wing groups in the investiture debate and hopes that “they will disappear along of the following plenary sessions because they do not contribute anything positive. “

Therefore, he hopes that “another environment” is generated because it is what the citizen wants, although he thinks it does not seem “that they intend to act shortly”. “If it were seen that there is an important rejection in the street, I suppose that it will reflect on the matter and will change its forms”, he added.

In his opinion, “does not contribute anything to the policy that is being provoked, verbally attacking, that what comes out in the media is this and not the contents” to address the problems of citizenship and the structural of the State. “We hope that a scenario of opportunity opens to address them,” he said.

The jeltzale leader has assured that they will not contribute to that climate “in any way”. He also believes “regrettable and denouncible” that the deputy of Teruel Existe has received 8,000 emails to pressure him to facilitate the investiture of Sanchez. “It doesn’t make any sense, it’s undemocratic,” he said.


Josune Gorospe has responded to the reproaches that his party has received for vindicating the competition of Traffic for Navarra, which has been understood by the right as a claim to expel the Civil Guard of the Foral Community, and has indicated that transfer implies “the fulfillment of something that was already stipulated. “

Therefore, he has described the criticism of the PNV as “hypocrisy” for asking things for Navarra when it is an integrated formation in Geroa Bai and the second authority of Navarra (President of Parliament), Unai Hualde, belongs to the party.

“We have perfect legitimacy to be able to incorporate in our political demands and in our negotiations aspects that are of interest to Navarra. Our agenda is Basque, but we also defend the interests of Navarra in those aspects that we consider to be legal and legitimate to be able to claim them” , has added.

In this regard, he has assured that they will continue to do so “despite the pressures.” “Our area of ​​interest is Euskadi, but also Navarra,” he concluded.


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