PNV accuses the PP of "manipulating" the educational program on the history of ETA and sees the "elongated shadow of Casado"

PNV accuses the PP of "manipulating" the educational program on the history of ETA and sees the "elongated shadow of Casado"

The parliamentary spokesman of the PNV, Joseba Egibar, has accused the PP of having carried out a "deliberate manipulation and provoke scandal" with the educational program on the history of ETA. It also considers that after the situation generated is the "elongated shadow of Pablo Casado."

In statements to Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, the leader 'jeltzale' has referred to the educational program 'Herenegun', on the recent history of the Basque Country, and the complaints raised by the PP and groups of victims around these didactic units that the Basque Executive intends to take to the classrooms.

Egibar, who has pointed out that everyone has seen the past in a "certain way", has argued that when you "naturally" seek a "consensus" outside the spotlight, the issues advance ", but at the moment they expose themselves, this is "nuanced".

"If this is accompanied by an exaggeration, and I would say that of a deliberate manipulation, the scandal is provoked and projected and here we are, discussing the 'Herenegun' program," he said.

In the opinion of the leader 'jeltzale', the reason for the "exaggeration" produced with these didactic units has a "political nature" origin that has placed in the arrival of Pablo Casado to the Presidency of the PP.

"The shadow of Casado is very long and reaches the Basque PP One of the participants in these didactic units, Borja Semper, whose testimony I have seen and I think is correct and constructive, when interpreting the fate of the PP from the thesis of Married his political legs tremble and he crochets, the scandal is mounted and it is said that there is a theory of conflict, which is not true, "he lamented.

Egibar has also stressed that the educational texts are in the "correction and improvement phase", so the situation generated is "an exaggeration that must be cut", but "not covering" even though "some seem to want to bury the past".


In this line, has warned that the educational program has had an "editorial supervision by people recognized from the world of history" and, in the end, "the public will be able to view, know the contents and see to what extent the story is being twisted. "

"We have acted with transparency and there has been no rush, it had to be addressed because in the history books of our schools we have to talk about the last decades," he concluded.


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