Plus d'amour, the new from Nayaband

A lot of sensitivity, very personal lyrics and an elegant mestization of cultures and sounds from around the world are the ingredients of Plus d'amour, the third job of Nayaband, behind which the Senegalese lives, who lives in Canary Islands Nayaban Jean. Next Saturday, October 6, the artist will offer at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium a concert to present this new album, the most personal one of his career.

Born in Dakar, Senegal, 42 years ago, son of a soldier and a music lover, Nayaban tells that his life was already marked by music from the beginning. My father only heard two things: Bob Marley and Miles David's trumpet. At all hours. It upset me! My mother sang in the choir of the church, I listened to very different styles, and the music virus came to me.

In fact Nayaban He started singing in a choir. It was formed in Senegal in the shadow of troubadours passionate about the traditions and roots of African music. He then went on to an a cappella training with which he toured the Canary Islands for the first time in 1999. The islands impressed him greatly and he decided to settle here. Soon after, he ends up forming his own group. Its first disc arrives in 2008, Globalization. The second, in 2011, Hope.

"More love is needed"

With Plus d'amour, Nayaband offers us an intimate, delicate and daring album, where instruments like the Kora, the double bass or the violin, dance under the protection of the most personal voice and the powerful guitar of Nayaban Jean. Already the title makes it clear, More love. The disc talks about love as a need, as salvation, as a solution to the problems that surround us, that we find ourselves or that persecute us ... It is not necessary to be demanding, it is not necessary to hit hard, what is needed is more love , the musician confesses.

And there is also a lot of love in its preparation. It is a work recorded by excellent and dedicated musicians: from Senegal, Edu Manga to la Kora, Macoumba Ndiaye to percussion and from the Canary Islands, José Carlos Cejudo to the double bass, José Enrique Rodríguez to the violin and Nayaban Jean to the acoustic guitar and voice . The production has gone on horseback between the Canary Islands, Senegal, Finland and Barcelona. Mixed in Barcelona by Fernando "Dinky" Redondo, mastered in New York by Alex Psaroudakis and edited by Slow Walk Music.

And the mixture does not stop there. In the seven themes of Plus d'amour we find up to five different languages: Wolof, Mankagne, French, English and Spanish. In addition to styles as varied as m'balax, soukous, reggae, blues, beugeurebo, jazz or pop.

The Senegalese who fell in love with the Canary Islands

The album has taken three years of hard work, to discard material, pick it up and throw it away again, until at last he found what he was looking for. And in the midst of that process, the Canary Islands sneak in and what this land means to the artist. An example of this is its collaboration with Barrios
Orchestrated, the didactic project that brings music to the neighborhood schools with needs in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Nayaband was clear that he wanted to materialize a string encounter, with all the possible string instruments he could muster, he explains. From the African kora, the guitar, the violin or the contrabass. Speaking with the director of Barrios Orquestados, the idea of ​​playing with the boys live and recording one of the themes of Plus d'amour, Famille arises. The result left me crazy, it was just what I wanted, says the artist. Neither arrangements, nor edited nor anything, the theme ended on the disc as it sounded.

Canary Islands is an incredible land, it is the center of the world, affirms the musician, after 15 years living in the islands. Culturally it is Europe, geographically it is close to Africa and immigration is related to America. The contact with that multiculturality and his personal bagage make Nayaband what it is today. When they ask me what I do, I do not exactly know what to say. We all use the same harmonies, in music everything is established. You differentiate the feelings. If I had to define my music, I would say that I do Nayaband Stile, laughs.

After a lifetime of experience behind his back and after sharing the stage with figures such as Gangbe Brass Band, Fatoumata Diawara, Touré Kunda, Pedro Guerra, Macaco, Sargento García, Germán López or Efecto Pasillo, Nayaband will head over on Saturday 6th October at 9:00 pm in the Jerónimo Saavedra hall of the Alfredo Krauss Auditorium. Tickets on sale at


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