Pleamar of Spanish sailing at the Barcelona Motor Show

Pleamar of Spanish sailing at the Barcelona Motor Show

Juan Carlos Valero


The recreational boating sector is the one that best reflects the economy's waterline. After the sales of boats were precipitated from 2008 in a constant reflux as a result of the low tide of the crisis, from 2013 the direction was upward until reaching this high tide year in which the Barcelona International Boat Show, which will take place from 10 to 14 October in the Port Vell of the Catalan capital, has grown by 10% compared to 4% increase in registrations until August in our country.

In the perfect storm that has crossed this sector during the time of crisis have sunk Spanish shipyards, mainly large boats, but also as a result of the high tax burden borne by buyers of ships over 8 meters in length, which In addition to paying the VAT of 21% add to the purchase price the registration tax of 12%. «That large vessels have a tax burden of 33% invites to buy outside of Spain, where there are not so many taxes, and that is another reason why Spanish shipyards have gone under, "says Luis Conde, president of the Barcelona International Boat Show.

Count has been presiding over the sailing show for a decade "and this year is the one that has grown the most of the period", he assures. «Fans of the sea» is the theme of this edition, with the aim of popularizing recreational sailing in our country, with 8,000 kilometers of coastline «I would have to look more to the sea, as Barcelona has done since 1992, in order that all Spaniards enjoy the sea, "he adds.

Recreational boating in Spain contributes 12,000 million and 82,345 jobs

The fiscal pressure and a coast with many small coves and large beaches that prevent anchoring large ships, is the reason why 90% of the 200,000 Spanish recreational vessels are less than 8 meters in length, says the president of the Nautical. A study by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, cited by the National Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN), indicates that there are 4.2 vessels in Spain per thousand inhabitants, a percentage that in the United Kingdom is double (8.5) and that is six times higher in Croatia (24.4).

Count defends that recreational sailing is not expensive and sets the example of the growing trend of the rental or charter procedure: "a boat of ten meters for 6 people costs 2,000 euros per week, which is about 50 euros per person per day and you also save, because you take the food and you sleep in the cabin ».

In the 57th edition of the Barcelona International Boat Show, more than 120 novelties will be unveiled on boats, engines and electronics, which show how the world's leading brands are betting on the incorporation of technology to increase the performance of their products. sailboats, yachts, boats or engines. Among the novelties stand out a dozen models nominated to Best European Boat of the Year.


Largest floating sample

The docks of Spain and the Fusta of Port Vell will have one of the largest floating exhibitions in recent years and the best that can be gathered today in Spain. With 171 large boats docked, the room has achieved full. Its president is optimistic, foreseeing a similar growth rate for next year, which will require "jumping to another pier". And, on land, small boats and inflatables will be exhibited, as well as the latest developments in electronics, engines, paints, veils, trailers, charter and nautical services.

The secretary general of the National Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN), Carlos Sanlorenzo, explains that "the 2018 sailing season has remained positive, with recreational boat registrations growing until August of 4.3%". And it highlights the economic impact and the multiplying effect of recreational boating, which "contributes 12,000 million euros and the 3,700 companies in the sector generate 82,345 jobs, of which 19,700 are direct.


«Fans of the sea»

Another of the main attractions of the Fira de Barcelona exhibition is an extensive program of activities and experiences to promote the practice of sailing, under the new motto, «Fans of the sea», with which you want to reach new audiences. Your director, Jordi Freixas, says that "year after year, it shows that it is one of the best instruments the sector has to grow the number of fans."

Twelve sports and light sailing boats will facilitate the initiation, in addition to a space of disclosure and a Fun Beach area with a test area for kayaking or paddle surfing and the second one will be held Barcelona Paddle Race, an open sea competition with departure in the hall and arrival in Badalona. The lounge is completed with a Traditional Marina area, with an exhibition of classic boats, where workshops and activities for the whole family will be held. The night of the nautical, gastronomy and a village contribute to encourage the fans. Not in vain, this year will have been issued more than 50,000 new degrees and licenses, which indicates that fans of the sea do not stop growing in our country.


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