September 19, 2020

Plcido Domingo: “I have not abused anyone. I will repeat it while I live” – ​​La Provincia

Opera singer and conductor Placido Domingo has defended this Thursday, August 6, that has not sexually abused “anyone” and has rejected the comparisons with the film producer Harvey Weinstein, qualifying them as “painful

“After getting sick from Covid-19, I promised myself that I would fight with all my might for the rehabilitation of my name if I recovered. I have not abused anyone. I will repeat it as long as I live, “explained the Spanish tenor in an interview collected by Europa Press in the Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’.

Sunday will receive the Austrian Musical Theater Prize 2020 this Thursday August 6 at the WA Amadeus Airport in Salzburg in recognition of his professional career. After accusations of sexual misconduct, the Spanish singer acknowledges that today is “a different person“and that he is no longer” afraid “.

“I am angry and depressed, especially because my whole family has been involved. Suffering is enormous for everyone. It is a terrible situation, “he pointed out, and later regretted the comparison with the American film producer under the label of ‘Weinstein of the world of opera’.

“It hurts me to be described this way. Those who write this underestimate the suffering they can cause,” he explained. In addition, Domingo has indicated that, when he looks back, he sees “no crime” on his part that may “have left open wounds”.

“If he had noticed that he had insulted someone, especially a woman, he would have tried to amend it immediately,” he said, after clarifying that anyone who knows him “knows that the word ‘abuse’ is not part” of his language.

Precisely, the minister of culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, has pointed out in relation to a future performance by the Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo in some INAEM space or show that, “when serious acts are committed and assumed, that has consequences in public life and in social life

As a result of this international recognition, asked in an interview with Europa Press about a possible return of tenor to shows organized by INAEM, Uribes recalled that “a decision was made at the time

“We made a decision at the time linked to a statement by Plácido Domingo himself. In fact, until that moment there had been no problem regarding his presence, because in addition, in this country and in any State of law, the presumption of innocence always “, has pointed out.

In this sense, the minister recalled how Domingo “says at one point that he harmed a series of women, that he asks for forgiveness and that he assumes responsibilities.” “In that context, we understood with the director of INAEM that her presence was not reasonable at that time and was part of that assumption of responsibility that he himself had accepted,” he added.

“I hope everyone does well”

“Nothing else, about the future I hope everyone does well And of course he has a story from a musical point of view that is beyond question. But it is true that when serious acts are committed and assumed, that has consequences in public and social life, “he said.

In this way, Uribes has reiterated that from Culture “the only thing that was done was to take him at his word.” “Until that moment it had not occurred, but when he recognized it, we acted accordingly,” he concluded.


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