Plcido Domingo assures that he wants to “clarify” his situation with the Spanish institutions after the accusations of sexual abuse – La Provincia

The Spanish tenor Placido Domingo has assured that he has “the hope” to return to act in Spain “soon” and, although he acknowledges that he still has no dialogue open with Spanish institutions, he affirms that he would like to “personally clarify” your situation with them after accusations of sexual harassment received months ago.

“In my heart I have the hope of returning to act in Spain soon, but I can’t deny that thinking about my Madrid fills me with nostalgia and sorrow at this moment. Right now there is no ongoing dialogue with the institutions, but obviously I would like to clarify my situation personally with them“, the singer pointed out in an interview with Europa Press.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, already explained in an interview with Europa Press at the beginning of August -before an interview with Domingo was published in ‘La Repubblica’ in which reiterated that he had not “abused anyone”– that the decision not to perform in INAEM theaters was made because the tenor committed “serious acts” and admitted them.

Domingo has insisted that “He has never abused or hindered anyone’s career” and regrets that from the American press have written “things as you wanted”. “I apologized if I had offended someone, but I at no point have I pleaded guilty of having abused anyone or obstructing anyone’s career, “he said.

That is why he acknowledges feeling “sorry” that Uribes did not wait to speak to him “directly” and also hopes “have the opportunity to clear things up“with the minister. On Friday, August 28, Domingo starts his two performances at the Arena in Verona, continuing his tour of Italy.

Precisely, Domingo has responded this Friday also to some new statements by the Uruguayan soprano Luz del Alba Rubio, in which he recharges against the Spanish tenor, warning that these statements “extremely harmful” are “dangerous behaviors that harm a person’s life. “

Del Alba, who was previously one of the names who accused Domingo of sexual harassment, has assured an interview in the Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ before his performances in Italy that the acts of the Spanish singer towards her they were not only “innuendo, but also violence”. “The worst of all was his abuse of power: he was my boss and I was ashamed for him,” he lamented.

Domingo has been “puzzled” by these new statements and in a letter sent to Europa Press he has “vigorously” rejected them. “Too I find it very serious and inappropriate for my family to be involved that, on the contrary, as much as I have, we have supported her for years, something that she herself has repeatedly declared both personally and publicly, “she pointed out.

The reception that he has had in Europe these months is being between ovations in each performance and recognitions – like the one a few weeks ago in Austria to his entire career. The tenor has admitted “getting excited” with these greetings, something that is “dangerous if you have to sing” – he commented wryly – but which at the same time is an “injection of energy”.

“I am grateful to the European public for their love and solidarity. Throughout my career the public has always been in the center, I like that there is an exchange of emotions when I am on stage. But, at this moment, I I feel even more sensitive and I perceive even more “, he acknowledged.

The “condemnation” in the United States

On the contrary, he has criticized that in the United States – where no action is planned and several of those scheduled last year and this 2020 have been canceled – this type of accusations, “unfortunately, they are like a conviction“, even if” no crime “has been committed nor has the content been exposed to any criminal or criminal trial.

“Even the official results of the internal investigations that have been carried out have confirmed my words. However, in Europe the concept of presumption of innocence and not immediate condemnation without the possibility of appeal, although we must not forget that today we live in a globalized world, for better and for worse, “he warned.

Coronavirus and culture, “a very high price”

Domingo has acknowledged feeling “recovered” physically and “without sequelae” after having been infected by coronavirus, a disease whose progress he recognizes is “alarming” and therefore he does not rule out that he will have to cancel future performances due to the pandemic – Sunday has already closed more than a dozen appearances on European stages until 2021-.

Hopefully a safe and effective vaccine will arrive soon. I am thinking of the young people who are at the beginning of their careers and are in the situation of not being able to continue with the song, which is so fundamental for their development and also for their economies. He world of culture has paid a heavy price for this pandemic“, has lamented.

A “surprise” for the future

Between his Goals for the future, with a “surprise” still pending to be announced, there are those to continue acting “for a while yet and promoting zarzuela all over the world.”

In any case, he has insisted that returning to the routine and “the little things to which he did not attach importance before has been an achievement, both from a physical and psychological point of view.” “After 60 years of career, I still feel nervous before going on stage. Every performance is a challenge and it is clear that 40 years ago this cost me less effort,” he concluded.


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