Playing with the savings of the Spanish



76.9% of Spanish households own the home in which they live. For many of these families, in addition, this is the main savings they have been able to collect throughout their lives. This single data is enough to understand the magnitude of the irresponsibility of the PSOE and Podemos when it comes to agreeing on a housing legislation that will intervene in the rents of funds and banks. The defenders of this agreement will say that the new regulations will not affect individuals, that it will only do so with owners of more than ten homes and only in areas that will be defined as stressed. Yes, but the rental price is usually in direct relation to the price of

sale and it is almost certain that where the rent is intervened, there will be a deterioration of the wealth of the owners.

It is a great idea to play with the savings of the Spanish in this way. Podemos exhibited his lack of judgment in this matter from his birth. Since the title of Íñigo Errejón’s famous ‘fake’ research project was known at the University of Malaga -‘Housing in Andalusia: diagnosis, analysis and public policy proposals for the de-commodification of housing’- it was already known about its fondness for measures that recall the phrase of the Swedish economist Assar Lindbeck: “Apart from a bombing, rent control is one of the most efficient techniques to destroy cities.”

Therefore, what is most surprising this time is that the PSOE, aware of the consequences, has validated this agreement. The Socialists say that what they have done is “damage control” a bad idea that could have developed worse and that they had no choice but to accept if they wanted to save their coalition government. For this they have resorted to all kinds of small print, annexes, appendices and have implicated the autonomous communities and city councils in the matter in the hope that they will assume final responsibility.

As a result, the Executive believes that in the end there will only be four communities with areas of stressed prices in Spain: Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country and the Valencian Community. In Madrid, the PP has announced that it will not apply the rule, and in the Basque Country it is difficult to do so today. In the Valencian Community there are doubts. Therefore, only Catalonia could really make this legislation effective, in line with the policy that Ada Colau is already doing.

The decision makes 2023 an exceptional year. The PP has already linked its destiny to that year at last week’s convention. Will Pablo Casado be able to remain unscathed in the leadership if Díaz Ayuso once again sweeps Madrid? Pedro Sánchez has now done the same with the PSOE by turning the application of this controversial law into the great issue of the regional and municipal campaign in May 2023. [email protected]

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