Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Plantón by Pablo Iglesias and Yolanda Díaz to the agrarian associations

They are recalled at the last minute “with nocturnality and frustration” without a “compelling reason” for the meeting that Labor had called to discuss matters of peonadas and agricultural subsidies

New revolt in sight. The last-minute decision to leave outside the Labor meeting chaired by Vice President Pablo Iglesias and Minister Yolanda Díaz to the agricultural associations (Asaja, UPA and COAG) has caused the first serious disagreement between the leaders of Podemos with the social partners and outrage among the representatives of the field. The unconverted associations denounce that no one has explained to them why they have been left out, especially when the call for this meeting arose from the Ministry of Labor itself on February 11. In the letter they were asked to deal with “aspects related to the labor reality” of the primary sector. However, late last night, “with nightlife and joy,” denounced from the associations, they received a ministerial message that they were out of the meeting “for personal reasons.”

From Asaja they have been tremendously upset with the situation, because “the only thing they are getting is to heat the environment unnecessarily, in addition to not understanding that they leave us out when we are a fundamental part of the problems they want to solve,” sources said. of Asaja. As they explain the only excuse that the Ministry gave them was that “they left us out for personal problems. It is a disaster and a tremendous nonsense. If that is the dialogue they want, we are going very badly. ”

The meeting would discuss the agricultural subsidies granted through the Agreement for Employment and Agricultural Social Protection (Aepsa, the former PER), on which the minister studies measures and legislative changes to strengthen the powers of the Inspection of Work in the agricultural sector.


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