March 7, 2021

Planet publishes "Permanent vigilance", memoirs of Edward Snowden

In 2007, under the Protect America Act, PRISM was launched, a secret program of mass surveillance linked to the US NSA. The objective was to collect communication data through the main companies and, therefore, access the privacy of thousands of people by being able to listen to each call they made, read each email they wrote and spy on every corner of their privacy. A violation of rights that came to light in 2013 due to the leak that Edward Snowden made to "The Guardian" and "The Washington Post." Since then this former CIA employee has become one of the most wanted men in the world, He lives in exile and has become one of the consciences of the Internet era.

Now, The analyst has decided to publish his memoirs, "permanent surveillance", which the publisher Planeta will publish on September 17. «The fight for the right to privacy is the new fight for our freedom», says in the press release that this stamp has distributed and which also includes one of the phrases in the book: «My name is Edward Snowden. I used to work for the government, but now I work for the people ». In this book he tells why he did what he did and how he himself participated in the construction of a massive surveillance that went beyond the US borders. But, also, he provides the reasons that prompted him to make the decision to denounce this initiative, although that would put him in the spotlight of some government administration and will trigger a diplomatic conflict. He, a child prodigy of computer science who just turned 24 entered to work for the CIA, He has been in charge of putting in white on black what are the relations that exist between the large multinationals that mark the advance of the digital era and espionage, but, above all, as the press release emphasizes, the way in which it is traded with the data of each one of us.

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