Planas is committed to young people, water and the Internet to fight depopulation

Planas is committed to young people, water and the Internet to fight depopulation

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, assured today that young people, water and the Internet are "the triangle of success for the future" and the axes for which we must bet, together with the CAP, to fight against depopulation and keep the people alive.

Planas has participated in Zaragoza in the opening of the first forum of municipal debate organized by the PSOE that will take place until the May elections in several cities and that in the Aragonese capital has addressed the "Challenges to combat depopulation."

The minister recalled that the Global Strategy to fight against depopulation will be presented before spring, one of the commitments made by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, which will also present concrete actions in the face of a problem that requires State policy, but also time .

Against the previous Executive of the PP that "did nothing" against the depopulation, has pointed out that the Government of Pedro Sánchez works on the new Community Agrarian Policy, in which Spain plays "more than 44,000 million euros for the period 2021- 27 ", and that supposes a" great opportunity "that must take to the incorporation of more young people and women to the agrarian activity.

"There is no magic recipe but the CAP is a means to fight against depopulation and to keep people alive," he said, and this must be accompanied by the "digital revolution" in the countryside and the extension of broadband because "young people, water and the internet" are a bet for the future.

The minister assured that the Government of Pedro Sanchez "aims to provide stability and future" and wants to win elections next May to achieve a "more human and more just" Spain, and on the short journey that they want from the right , has settled that the PSOE "to infinity and beyond."

In statements to the media, the Government Commissioner for the Demographic Challenge, Isaura Leal, has also defended the implementation of an adequate broadband extension plan throughout the territory, although she has indicated that it is necessary to be "realistic" and Do not create false expectations.

It has influenced, however, that all public policies "have to be endowed with resources to make them effective" and that "resources and policies must be accompanied".

Leal has highlighted the role of the community of Aragon in the fight against depopulation for being a "pioneer" in the implementation of its own policies against this demographic challenge, which also makes it "more competitive".

The president of this community, Javier Lambán, has valued that "for the first time" he will go to work against depopulation "with firm commitments and with a date" for the presentation of the aforementioned Strategy.

He recalled that his government assumed depopulation as the "main challenge to face" and that depopulation and regional financing are "two sides of the same coin", so it has once again raised the need for "central government" not succumb to the pressures of Catalonia and the Basque Country, "which are governed by different criteria that accentuate inequalities.

He has demanded that demographic and depopulation be taken into account in the distribution of funds and has criticized those who want to combat depopulation and at the same time eliminate provincial councils.

In his opinion, mayors, councilors and provincial deputies are the "main actors" of the fight against depopulation, "a problem of the State that has to have good local financing" and that the central government will have to attend.

The secretary of Municipal Policy of the Executive Federal Commission of the PSOE, Susana Sumelzo, explained that with the organization of these forums for municipal debate begins the "path" that will lead the PSOE to win next year's elections as their policies want guarantee the same rights to all citizens regardless of where they live.


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