June 16, 2021

Plagiarism from Lidl to Thermomix? These are the characteristics of the two kitchen robots



The increase in the supply of kitchen robots in the Spanish market threatens Thermomix’s reign as absolute leader During the last years. Specifically, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from Lidl has reached such high levels of popularity and sales among consumers that sells out in a few hours each time it goes on sale. But, Vorwerk, the manufacturer of Thermomix, interprets that part of the success of the appliance of the supermarket chain is based on the plagiarism of its own product and therefore claims in court compensation equivalent to the benefits obtained by 10% of the your competitor’s sales.

From Vorwek – also of German origin – they consider that with this demand they are protecting the innovation that has always characterized their electrical appliances. “Constant market analysis and patent protection for our products and services are essential. Therefore, we reserve the right to take legal action against possible infringements of patents or registered trademarks “, they explain from the German multinational. The German supermarket chain does not want to comment on an ongoing legal process, but during the trial session yesterday, the lawyer for Lidl defended that its product does not infringe the patent rights of Thermomix and claimed that there is “lack of novelty” regarding similar robots marketed before the leader.

Despite the demand, Thermomix Spain have come to deny that the hasty launch of their latest model in 2019 it was related to the increase in the supply of low-cost models. The general director of the brand in Spain, Ignacio Fernández-Simal, then pointed out that Lidl was not a competitor because it was “at a very different price level”. Before buying our machine, a customer may want to try a kitchen robot like Lidl’s, but most Thermomix customers do not consider this option. In Spain we have a 92% market share, a percentage that is very high, which means that we are interested in being the product that has to set the trend for innovation, ”Fernández-Simal remarked.

Likewise, from Vorwerk they rule out a decline in the Spanish market. «In our country, Thermomix is ​​present in 14% of homes and at the end of last year it had 2.6 million machines sold. This year we hope to end the year with more than 2.8 million customers in Spain and growing with respect to the units sold in 2019, ”a company spokesperson told ABC.

Best value for money

Plagiarism or not, the success of the Lidl kitchen robot is indisputable. On July 4, the last date it went on sale in our country, 30,000 units were sold out in the stores at street level. A few days earlier, consumers ended up with 40,000 units in the online channel. Recommendations between users and the price of 359 euros and three times cheaper than that of the Thermomix They explain part of the popularity that this device has achieved.

An analysis carried out by the OCU Consumers Organization in full confinement derived from the rebound in interest in cooking shows that Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl is the one that obtains a better relation between quality and price. Its characteristics include its useful capacity of 3,100 millimeters and good performance in the kneading, shaking, cooking tests and in the steam function with an external tray. Among the drawbacks, the OCU pointed out that they are only for sale on specific occasions and their excessive size because they take up too much space in the kitchen.

However, the podium of all the analyzed robots is still occupied by Thermomix, this time with its new TM6 model. The OCU emphasizes that it obtains excellent results when cooking both in the glass and steamed in its varoma tool and also values ​​its guided cooking function, the integrated scale and Wi-Fi connection. Among the cons is listed the high selling price, since it reaches 1,259 euros, a size of the glass smaller than that of its most direct competitor with 2,250 millimeters and that in some devices rust appears at the base of the glass.

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