Plácido Domingo denies his involvement with a trafficking network

Plácido Domingo denies his involvement with a trafficking network

Placido Domingo, in a file image. / EFE

"I have nothing to do with that," says the Spanish tenor from Mexico


The Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo has denied in Mexico the accusations that
linked to a criminal organization allegedly dedicated to abuse, trafficking and sexual exploitation with ramifications in the United States, which operated as a sect and is accused, among other crimes, of human trafficking.

«You have seen that everything is proven that there is nothing, what I feel a lot is that it was a group that I… of friends, who I considered musicians, we were on one occasion, I invited them to work, and unfortunately it has not been like that, but well Well, of course, I have nothing to do with that." "Man, it makes me sad when you've had friends for many years and you realize that they've used you, then that's how it is," the Spanish tenor stressed this Monday, in statements to Azteca TV.

Placido Domingo, on August 19, was identified by an Argentine justice investigation that linked him as a client of sexual services offered by the Buenos Aires Yoga School, a sect with more than 30 years of history.

Placido Domingo returns to the eye of the hurricane

Last Friday, the Argentine Justice authorized the search of its headquarters in the center of the Argentine capital and ordered the arrest of 19 people, including the founder of the school, an 84-year-old notary named Juan Percowicz.

The detainees were accused of belonging to a sect dedicated to recruiting and subjugating hundreds of people, who attended the school with the intention of undertaking "the development of happiness", but who ultimately ended up involved in a circle of terror in the who lost their property, were enslaved and prostituted.

In 2019, Placido Domingo was already forced to resign from his position as director of the Los Angeles Opera after a dozen women filed a complaint for improper behavior, and the prestigious institution decided to open an internal investigation.

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