September 21, 2020

Pjanic: “We can get everything, this team is huge” – La Provincia

The new FC player Barcelona Miralem Pjanic has ensured that the current team is capable of “achieving everything” if it plays together and joins forces. the template is of “enormous quality” and still have a Leo Messi, with whom he dreams of playing, whom he does not see with another shirt and does give “one hundred percent” with the elastic Blaugrana.

“Playing for this team is the maximum I can achieve. The important thing is that this challenge makes me play well and makes the fans happy. Here you must play well and win titles. And I think that with this team we can meet all the objectives, the quality is huge. I’ve seen this team and we have youth and experience and it’s a great mix “, celebrated in his presentation.

First, before promising anything more in vain, you want to adapt and give your all to achieve those goals that you see at your fingertips. “I want to meet my teammates, we all know how to play football. But I want to meet them on the field, and for them to know me. I want to make the rest play and the center of the field Busquets-Iniesta-Xavi was a dream, it was a beauty and something incredible. But the current one is very good. I don’t put limits on it, “he was honest.

“I want to adapt as quickly as possible to this League, I will learn the language to communicate better. The group is very important and everyone will be successful, if we all give our best, we will have fun “explained in this regard.

Pjanic, 30, arrives from Juventus in Turin, in an Italian football in which he was already stagnant, with previous passage through Roma. “Leaving ‘Juve’ is very difficult, it is a great club that has helped me a lot to grow. But footballers need challenges, and after winning everything in Italy I needed a challenge and playing for Barça has always been my dream. Power play in another team that was not ‘Juve’, it could only be Barça, “he said.

“I am proud to be here, I am very happy to be here. I will try to take the club where it should be and win titles. It was a dream for me to play here, I am in the biggest team and for me it is a pride. I want to play my football and helping a Barça that for me has been a benchmark. Watching them play was amazing. I want to share my football to continue giving pleasure to those who see us, “he added.

Asked about Barça’s blank year, and the tough 2-8 against Bayern Munich in the ‘Champions‘, he assured that we must “look forward.” “We will find the motivation to continue being a great club. We have to build a future together and sharing a dressing room with Messi is a huge dream, for me. I am very motivated, I want to start playing and winning. We must build a healthy and constant group as well. We will be able to have great football again, “he explained.

Messi’s future

The Bosnian midfielder is clear that one of the points in favor of signing for Barça is Leo Messi, who is finally still at the Camp Nou despite asking for his departure. “I followed the whole case from outside, but I don’t see Leo anywhere other than Barça. He was born here, he has won everything here, and I hope his departure ends well, “he predicted.

“He is a huge player, even though there is disappointment after a loss, he is at home here and to see him with another shirt would be strange. I think he is happy, one hundred percent, and is the best of all time. It is very important that stay here and with him we will try to win many titles. It’s lucky to share a wardrobe with an alien like him. It will be fun, and I want to have fun with him and the whole team. I believe a lot in group spirit, it is very important to achieve the challenges, “he added.

On the other hand, on a personal level, he acknowledged that he would have liked to arrive in Barcelona six years earlier. But it comes now, in the new stage with Ronald Koeman on the bench. “He is a coach who has already shown many things. I look forward to joining the group, working with everyone, and we will see how he will want to play and how he will want to use me. The season is long and I am at your disposal. Playing with double pivot, we reached the final of the ‘Champions’ with Juventus. But I can play in the entire midfield, “he explained.

As for the coronavirus, from which he was infected and which he has already overcome, he has ensured that he is getting better and better. “I didn’t like to test positive, it’s something I didn’t expect. I felt good, but I had to stay in Turin, I worked at home in my gym. I had contact with the Barça ‘staff’, I would have liked to be here but I could not do other things than comply with the quarantine. Starting tomorrow, I join the group and see if I can play for a while on Saturday. But I’m getting better and better, “he stressed.


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