Pizzerias in the Canary Islands: The best pizzeria in the Canary Islands: A slice of Naples

It is not one of many. Or that, at least, is what the jurors sanction. The Oro di Napoli pizzeria, located at number 20 Calle del Valle Menéndez, in the heart of the tourist center of Los Cristianos –in the Tenerife municipality of Arona–, is recognized as one of the five best in Spain and among the 50 best on the continent, according to the latest Top Pizza Europe ranking, something like Michelin stars. And she will have something when she is blessed that way.

That dough that the poor of Naples ate at all hours has become popular, largely because the Neapolitans – always an emigrant people – have taken it around the world to make it a global concept. Antonio and Luigi, the partner couple who run Oro di Napoli, have no doubts that pizza was born in that city, in southern Italy, which for them represents the first verità (truth).

From the marinara, with a base of tomato sauce, oregano, garlic and olive oil, to the margherita, covered with tomato sauce, slices of mozzarella, fresh basil and olive oil, the variants have been multiplying – in many cases even deforming–, but the true artisan tradition in the elaboration of Neapolitan pizza always persists, because although a pizza maker is made, a good pizza maker is born. Another verità.

And although it is often repeated that “the secret is in the dough”, which must be natural, without preservatives or trans fats, made only with flour, water and salt, and fermented for more than 30 hours, there is no doubt that that good ingredients are needed: “Most of our products come from Italy and they are also natural,” says Antonio, who claims that they are considered an art by those known as pizzaioli masters, the holders of this culinary practice consisting of preparing the four-stage cooking dough for a pizza and bake it over a wood fire, turning it over. A new truth.

The pizzaiolo

The truth is that before being a pizzaiolo, apprentice and teacher, you have to go through the office of fornaio, spending hours and hours next to the oven, knowing the types of firewood (some go in front and others should be placed behind), master the intensity of the flame, going round and round with shovel in hand … «The stone oven represents an element fundamental for the preparation of any type of pizza ”, as Antonio acknowledges. A new verità.

Baking is considered the cornerstone in the preparation of a pizza, in such a way that none of the ingredients can be raw and the combination of flavors have to reach that “ideal on the palate” point, points out the teacher.

Furthermore, its level and quality can be recognized by the edges of a pizza. Thanks to the large black bubbles on the shore, which are charred, the diner will be able to know if this dough, which maintains a golden hue, has had a good fermentation, which ensures that it has gone through the caramelization phase correctly.

A good team

But with the dough and its fermentation time being important, as well as the quality and freshness of the products or the oven temperature and its good handling, It would never be possible to achieve success “without having a good team behind you”, affirms the teacher Antonio, who declares: «From the passion for work, humility and effort, in Oro di Napoli we offer the best possible service». That is, without a doubt, the greatest of the truths.

And it is that, once this national and international recognitionThere will be those who may come to consider that success may have clouded the sense of this pizzeria in the south of Tenerife. Nothing is further from reality. Antonio and Luigi invite you to sit at the table of their establishment, share their recipes and learn about their history, which is as much as a little piece of Naples.


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