Pizza Hut closes an agreement for its ERE with 276 layoffs and the closure of 22 stores

Pizza Hut's employment regulation file (ERE) has been finalized with an agreement and will ultimately affect a total of 276 employees, with the closure of 22 premises on August 15, as the deadline, as reported by the CCOO union. .

The initial premise presented by the company's management was 300 layoffs and the closure of 25 stores. This is the first job adjustment in the fast food chain since it was bought by the KKR fund. The announcement of the layoffs came after a change in the company's strategy, which has decided to move to a single franchise model and close all its own stores.

In fact, the center of Granada, which was among those that were to be closed, finally becomes a franchisee, so jobs will not be affected, continuing the activity of selling pizzas under the Pizza Hut brand and managed for another merchant.

The last meeting of the ERE negotiating committee was held this week, in which, after reviewing salary data for the correct calculation of future compensation and updating those affected, twelve of its thirteen members voted in favor of the economic proposal for compensation for collective dismissal.

Specifically, the ERE contemplates compensation for dismissal and suspension of collective contracts of 30 days per year and without limits on monthly payments as an economic improvement.

Pizza Hut merged with Telepizza in 2018, although the brand has been maintained independently. The Food Delivery Brands restaurant group, owner of both brands, announced in April that both companies had lost 20.9 million euros in 2021, but the crisis caused by the coronavirus confinement was over.

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