May 16, 2021

Pitched battle during a soccer game

A party of the Third Catalan played on Saturday in Barcelona ended with a massive fight in which players and spectators participated, with the authorization of the public in the stands despite the restrictions due to the pandemic. The very serious incidents occurred in the final minutes of the match of the Third Catalan that faced the Bon Pastor Agrupació Esportiva and the CD Carmelo. Neither the distances were respected by the covid, nor anything at all, to end the invasion of the field and blows.

There were only two minutes to go to the end of the regulation 90 when the fight was organized after a brawl on the field that ended with one footballer from each side expelled by the referee. Then came the first assault which served as a signal to start pushing each other. Immediately the public invaded the playing field with endless kicks and punches, as the account has reflected on Twitter Catalunya Soccer.

The match was suspended with the result of 2-3, now in the absence of what the competition committee decides, both in case the result is final as well as the sanctions that may be issued.


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