March 6, 2021

Piqué's last dart to Real Madrid

Gerard Piqué appeared before the press in the previous match against Naples and left a message to Real Madrid. He did not cite the name of any team, but the recipient was clear after the last seasons of the Bernabéu team, in which he has barely fought for the League and the Cup, but he has succeeded in Europe. "We could throw the League and Cup like some teams do and focus on the Champions League, but we don't like Russian roulette. We like to do things well, lay a base in the League and get to the last leg of the season well, "he finished the speech on whether the Leagues achieved by Barcelona were devalued. And he began his argument by saying that in a certain sense yes, but because they have won 8 of the last eleven and have been very superior. "Perhaps they are not valued so much because many of them win with 15 or 20 points of advantage, but we compete with teams such as Real Madrid, Sevilla, Atlético, Valencia … Then the Champions League and the Europa League win, "said the defender.

On the coveted Champions admitted that "of course" that they want to win it, but that they must "control the expectation" in order not to hurt themselves. "For that expectation," he insists, "there was a bittersweet feeling last season, but when the League is won, it's a good year."

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