Piqué's dream is in Madrid

Piqué's dream is in Madrid

Gerard Piqué had a dream "two or three years ago" and has already come true with the new Davis Cup that will be held in 2019 and 2020 in Madrid. The player of the Soccer Club Barcelona and president of the company Kosmos, that leads the project, made official the new competition next to the mayor Manuela Carmena, the president of the Community, Ángel Garrido, and the head of the International Federation (ITF), Kelly Fairweather. Piqué, who defined the project as "very sexy", always led the way in the presentation: "Two or three years ago I thought of a unique event in the world of tennis in which players could represent their Nations We came to the conclusion that going hand in hand with the ITF was the best solution. We had a lot of work and on August 16, in Orlando, there was a turning point, the approval of the change of format of the Davis Cup, a competition of 118 years of history … Madrid is a city known worldwide. It has infrastructures such as the Magic Box that can house the Davis Cup. I hope it's a magical week for this city and for the world of tennis. Many fans will come from abroad to defend their nations and it will be a unique competition for all ». The agreement of Kosmos with the ITF is 25 years with an investment of 3,000 million dollars, an amount supported by the company Rakuten, also a sponsor of Barça, and the prize money amounts to 20 million dollars.

The Magic Box will be in 2019 the unique headquarters of the new Davis that it will be held from November 18 to 24 and a year later there will be two stages: the Magic Box and the WiZink Center. The competition will consist of 18 teams, the four semifinalists this season (France, Croatia, the United States and Spain), Argentina and Great Britain as guests and the 12 countries classified in the preliminary phase to be held in February. The Davis will have a first phase of six groups with three teams that will be played from Monday to Thursday. The leader of each group and the two best seconds will go into the quarterfinals (Friday). The semifinals and the final will be played over the weekend with matches to the best of three sets. The Community of Madrid has estimated the economic impact at 240 million euros which will mean the celebration of the first two editions in which it is expected that about 250,000 visitors go to the capital of Spain to witness them. The Community and the Madrid City Council have committed to contribute 4.5 million euros each and that amount must be added one million more by Ifema. «For Madrid it will have a magnificent return», said Manuela Carmena, mayor of Madrid in the presentation.

The ambitious project has the mystery of the presence of some of the best rackets in the world such as Federer or Djokovic. The dates are not to the liking of enough players and the celebration of the World Cup, led by the ATP, are two obstacles. "The perfect picture is impossible because, moreover, we do not think individually about each player. And there is not a perfect week. For the player, September is more attractive. For the tournament, it's November. You have to look for something that seduces all parties. We hope to reach a good port in the negotiations so that they are the best, "said Piqué. He has spoken with a significant number of players. Among them, Nadal, who has always been very "positive". Not so Djokovic, leader of the players' union, and Roger Federer. "With Djokovic I am positive, I think we can reach an understanding with him. He may be the future number one, he loves to play Davis Cup, but the schedule is very compact and it's complicated, "he said of the Serbian. And "Federer is possibly the best player in history, but he is at a point in his career where he prioritizes emblematic tournaments because his legs give him what they give him. I have spoken with people from their environment and they have not closed the doors to me ». The new Davis still has open fronts.


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