June 19, 2021

Piqué: "If we do not go back, it will be again" | sports

Piqué: "If we do not go back, it will be again" | sports

Ernesto Valverde, coach of Barcelona, ​​appeared in the press room of Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán after the defeat of his team, which was unmarked for the first time since the quarter-final tie of the last Champions League against Roma. . "I think we had the match controlled in the first half. Everything could be defined in a play, we had it and we could not score. In the second half they have tightened us very well and we have failed to generate more chances. But it is the first leg and we have a back-to-back fight, "said the Barcelona coach. "I made changes because I thought it was the best for the team. I have risked and lost, for what has failed. It's reading, of course. But I do say that I do not regret having left Messi in Barcelona, ​​"added Valverde. "For me it is not a brown to play the Cup. There is a lot of talk about it and it seems that after winning it four times in a row it has less value. But it's not like that. You value the Cup when you lose it and I want to win it, "said Valverde. "I recognize that last year we paid in the League Cup effort in January and in this course we are rotating more because I want to keep the distance in the league with our pursuers and involve all players in the squad," argued Valverde. "

The Sevilla coach, Pablo Machín, praised the good result harvested by his team. "It was very important to keep a clean sheet and we are going with a good result. Messi is the best player in the world and it shows that he does not play, but they have a great depth of staff, "said Machín. "In the second part we have risked, with quality and intensity. We have a lot to go and to do it in the Nou Camp we will have to make a match as good as the one we have done today ", concluded the Sevilla coach.

As soon as the clash ended, Piqué analyzed the television meetings with rights. "I think we had control of the game in the first half and we had a great chance for Malcom to get ahead. Then they have scored and we have risked in search of a draw. We could not. In a counterattack they made us the second goal and I think they were better. I congratulate Sevilla because it was better in the second half, "said the Barcelona defender, who referred to the changes made by Valverde on his team. Of course, the defense was the clearest when assessing the possible comeback at the Camp Nou: "There are many games and we must focus on LaLiga. And in the Cup if we turn around well and if not, it will be again … There are too many games in this calendar ".

"I think we have a very competitive squad and the coach wants us all to participate. I think the performance has been very good in a field where there is a lot of demand like that of Sevilla, "said Piqué. "Sevilla plays with a peculiar system, which increasingly use more equipment, and are difficult to overcome. But we have a return match and I hope we can go back to the Camp Nou. Whether Messi plays or not in the round is a question of the coach, "concluded the Barcelona player.

"We have played a very complete game. Come out those who leave, they have very good players, so I think the key has been in us and our great game, "said Sergio Escudero. "If I had to choose, of course I would like Messi not to play in the round, but it does not depend on me. We were very enraged after our bad game at the Bernabéu. I think that we can never be killed again, "added Sevilla's side, who ended up very tired and had to be replaced by Arana in the final stretch of the match. "In spite of the 2-0, in Barcelona we will have to make a match as good as today's to pass", culminated the Sevilla player.

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