Piqué: "Federer's legs are given for what they give him" | sports

Piqué: "Federer's legs are given for what they give him" | sports

At five o'clock in the afternoon, the footballer Gerard Piqué burst into a suit in one of the auditoriums of the south building of Ifema, in Madrid, for the launching of the new Davis Cup that will start next year in the Spanish capital. In a pompous act, according to the magnitude of the revolutionary change that he and the Kosmos Group will implement from 2019 and which will host the Spanish capital the next two courses, the central of Barcelona expressed his satisfaction for being able to materialize an idea that, he assured, comes from afar.

"I had a dream a long time ago, which was to create a unique event. I wanted the players to be able to represent their nations in a unique event, "he said. "In Orlando [donde el pasado verano las federaciones internacionales ratificaron la transformación del evento] there was a turning point, the format change of a competition of 118 years of history. I am very proud that it can be celebrated in Madrid, a city known worldwide, with infrastructures such as the Caja Mágica, "he added.

The soccer player, of 31 years, appeared next to the president of the Community of Madrid, Angel Garrido, the mayoress Manuela Carmena and the head of operations of the Federation the International of Tennis, Kelly Fairweather. In the question time, the Barça defender was asked about the most thorny issue around his project, the dates. In its first edition, the new Davis will be played from November 18 to 24, which could hinder the presence of some figures. Roger Federer, winner of 20 great, was unmarked two weeks ago and Novak Djokovic was enigmatic in Shanghai.

"It's a team competition, so it's impossible that we can make the perfect picture for all players to come top. But we do not think individually. Obviously we want the best racquets, but we have to focus on the competition. If it has so much history, it's because of the weight of the federations and not so much because of the players, "said the president of the Kosmos business group. "You are very worried in the big rackets. Rafa can play, so, what else do you want? If the number one plays … I am confident that we will reach an agreement. "

Federer's age and the trip to Shanghai

And he continued: "The perfect week does not exist. From a player's point of view it can be September; from a tournament it may be November … We are trying to find something that seduces all parties. "

On the reticence of Federer and Djokovic, said: "My trip to China was not due to the statements made by Novak, because if you listen well did not say that he will not play. I went for other reasons, due to investor issues, knowing that there was an international break. I spoke with him because he is the president of the Players Council and I hope that in the end we can reach an agreement. I am positive about him. And as for Federer, he is at a point in his career in which he prioritizes very emblematic tournaments because he is as old as he is and his legs give for what they give him. He is not the one that historically has played Davis, so we did not expect him to play; if you can, fantastic … I've talked to people around you and they have not closed the door for me. It depends on the sensations you have. And maybe Switzerland does not qualify for the final stage. "

No problems with the club

The player was also asked if the trips required by the project have bothered the Barcelona, ​​and replied: "No, I have not talked to the president about this. We talk about many topics and there is even a business that is part of the club, so the sea of ​​good with the club, as always. "

In the act, which lasted for almost an hour, Mayor Carmena celebrated the agreement for Madrid to host the event. "Madrid is the city of embrace, of welcome. What good dreams you have, Gerard … We love you and we admire you. Keep dreaming. Thank you very much for that idea you had. " "Sport is spectacle, but, in addition, it is a stimulus. We have our Magic Box, our Tennis Open and now this wonderful competition. It is very good that it is a new Davis Cup, because Madrid is very identified with the capacity for innovation and transformation. "

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