June 14, 2021

Pioz murderer, Patrick Nogueira, revisable permanent prison

Pioz murderer, Patrick Nogueira, revisable permanent prison

Patrick Nogueira, the young Brazilian accused of assassinate his uncles, 39, and his cousins ​​of 1 and 4 years in Pioz (Guadalajara) has been sentenced to permanent prison revisable.

The magistrate-president of the trial with the jury of the so-called Pioz case, María Elena Mayor Rodrigo, today made the public reading of the sentence after the trial against Patrick Nogueira in which he was found guilty of intentional murder, cruelty to the minors and without considering any mitigating factors.

He is sentenced to permanent prison reviewable for the murders of the two minors and his uncle, while for the death of his aunt, the first one that he undertook, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In all cases, the judgment considers that there are no circumstances that modify the criminal liability of Nogueira, reports Ep.

This is clear from the ruling of the Provincial Court of Guadalajara read at a public hearing by María Elena Mayor Rodrigo, the judge who presided over the trial in which a popular jury considered Nogueira guilty of intentionally killing his family.

Nogueira, who He has listened to the content of the sentence by videoconference from the Estremera jail, he submitted to a trial that started on October 24 and of which the verdict was not known until November 3 after almost two days of deliberation by the popular jury.

During the trial, the self-confessed author of Pioz's crimes asked for forgiveness on his last-word turn: "I have caused too much damage and made people suffer that I am very fond of but I also suffer," he said, adding that he wants " change".

Nogueira's defense requested 25 years in prison on the grounds of brain damage and rapture, while the accusations coincided in requesting permanent rematable prison for the four deaths, with the exception of the Public Prosecutor's Office, which asked for 20 years for each of the deaths of the two adults.


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